Monday, November 9, 2015

Worried about next election? I am.

Well my friends, I know some of you will be thinking "don’t worry about what this guy says, he’s only a Canadian and has no business poking his nose in our business in America". I would say that is reasonable, but the fact is I criticized Obama the first time I heard him speak when he ran for the presidency and he has proven correct by what he has done since. For example he has been lying to people from the start, piled up scandals and not protecting Americans,instead using diplomacy as a cover for not wanting to go after radicals Muslims. He has also stated that he would side with the Muslims if he had a choice. He doesn’t appear to like white people. So far, he has done everything that he could to diminish and dwindle the reputation and strength of the USA even making friends with some of the enemies of the USA (Cuba for example).

I read on some website that he either has or will have a place to hide when the end of the world comes. I wouldn't be surprised if that were true. It shows that he is trying to save himself so that he thinks that he will survive then maybe pop up to find some way to rule the world afterwards. I have news for him - he will never be able to escape the Good Lord for his misdeeds and neither will his friends. What was prophesied in the Bible about the end of the world, I hope it does happen. I believe the good people will survive but the ones without faith will be gone for ever and ever never to cause problems for the survivors.

If Armageddon doesn't happen before the next election, I don’t believe Obama will go away quietly. I believe he will start something by declaring Marshal Law and when all hell breaks loose then he will go and hide in his cubby hole not thinking that someone who doesn’t like him might blow the whistle as to where he is hiding and that will be the end of him. Say if nothing happens in this world and the next president is elected, to me it seems no one so far that would straighten things out that Obama has created or caused. Hillary would just be an extension to Obamas’ policy. Trump seems to be full of himself with a big ego. I believe that it’s the big ego of Obama plus the hate that got him in trouble in the first place. I would say that Trump with his big ego would be too quick to push the button to obliterate this world.

Friends, I would say that you people have a big problem if the end times doesn’t happen.

That’s my rant of the day.

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