Thursday, November 26, 2015

Terrorists, refugees, who can tell?

I was reading about how the terrorists got into France on the site Newsmax. Apparently they were able to sneak in as refugees. Now Obama by leaving the southern border of America open is inviting some of those people to sneak in if they haven't already. I would be willing to say that some have already. Now we never heard any more about those Iranian ships that had come into American waters a couple of years ago. Could they have offloaded terrorists to sneak into America? Sure they could have.

I think we are stuck for the duration of Obama's term accepting refugees where radicals, criminals and drug addicts can sneak in. Once they are here they can start applications to bring in what they could claim to be relatives and they could actually be relatives but also radicals. Once they get enough then they could turn around and start bombings and killings just like what is happening in some of those third world countries. Here we are just sitting ducks for those maniacs. The Prime Minister Justine Trudeau has already proved that he would suck up to them even now by wanting to stop bombing ISIS.

The radicals have already proven what they can do once they get in. I’m talking about the ones that got into France as refugees. I can say for sure that’s what’ going to happen in the USA. At least the citizens will have something to defend themselves with (guns) and not like us here in Canada we will be truly sitting ducks. Here you can’t have a sidearm as they banned citizens from having them. Now what happens is some people are using knives and knife wounds can be and are often more dangerous than a bullet because they don’t only cut when they go in but also cut on the way out if they are not pulled out the same way. Also an artery that has not been touched on the way the knife went in could be cut when the knife is pulled out. As I see it it’s more dangerous to be stabbed then shot but of course that depends on where you were stabbed or shot.

Anyway, terrorists and refugees are not easily separated. That was my original point.

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