Saturday, November 14, 2015

Movie watching today.

Yesterday I spent my day watching some movies. I'm retired, I can do that. Every movie that I watched today wasn’t fit for any kids to watch because of the foul language and obscene sections that are in those movies. Nowadays kids hear this foul language and at the schools some boys will act uncivilized with some of the girls they meet and think they can get away with grabbing the girls like they do in those movies and use the same type of language. This is not a good thing - for those kids, or for society.

What happens? Some of those kids are reported to the teacher and also to the parents then they are in trouble for copying what they see in those movies. Most of the times the parents are blamed for not bringing up their kids like they should do. I must also say that even without those movies the foul language that is heard all over by adults and other kids. Kids copy that. It's not the parents fault if they aren't like that at home. Swearing and grabbing of girls the way they do in the movies is what the kids like to copy.

The parents might tell their kids don’t use that kind of language and tell them why they shouldn’t but these days there is so much going on with people of all ages. I was told that the age of reason starts at around 7 years old but some don’t and never will reach the age of reason because they don’t seem to have the brains to do so. So they become anti-social, liars, con men (or women) and do everyone that they can for their own selfishness. These days the parents can’t slap or do anything that would leave marks on a kid.

Kids these days are protected by law and the parents can be brought to the courts and be charged with abusing their kid. True in a sense its’ good to have a law to protect the kids or else some of them would be abused, some very badly. I remember as a kid we didn’t have a law to protect us but getting the strap on the bum. It hurt like hell but I never repeated what I did to get the strap. If the strap would be used today the parents would be charged with abusing their kid because one hit of the strap leaves a mark. These days even a scratch could a parent could and would be charged with abuse.

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