Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama's refusal on Keystone

The refusal of Obama to approve the Keystone pipeline is curious. Is it really because of the fear of some leakage of the pipeline or is it how much money would be lost if it's not transported by rail? The name of the person was on the Internet as to whom it benefits by transporting it by rail but I won’t say whom, because I have no proof that it's that person who would lose a lot of money. But all I can say the reasons given to not proceed, leakage and pollution, are bull. Everyone knows that delivery by pipes would be safer and more reliable then transported by rail.

I also forgot the other reason they say they don't want to build it is that it would not create as many jobs as was projected. Now the true answer came out because there wasn’t any more excuses as to why it should be given permission to proceed. I would say in the USA money really talks. This is the same idea to that which I posted earlier about some drugs that will not be known or sold to the public because of being able not only to relieve the pain but to cure whatever those drugs were created to defend. Again money takes precedence over peoples’ health and suffering.

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