Friday, November 6, 2015

Thoughts on gun control

If you go to this site you can read about what Republican candidate Ben Carson has to say about gun control. I agree with him: citizens being armed would make it harder for the government to take over the country and treat its citizens as if they have no say in what the government does. Privacy would be gone, the same is true for free speech and anything else a communist-run country would think of to make life miserable for their citizens and to hold them captive in their own country.

Any country that would try to disarm its citizens is because is intending to declare Martial Law at one time or another. This makes me worry that Obama will not leave office peacefully. This is particularly specific to the USA. Some countries have never allowed their citizens to carry arms. But in the USA they have a constitutional right to do so. And we're talking about someone trying to remove that right. How would liberals react if Obama wanted to take away the right to free speech instead of guns? They would not be happy, as they appear to be with the effort to remove the right to bear arms.

I have another concern. Now I’m not saying that this would happen but what if Putin decides to explode his Electro-Magnet Pulse (EMP) weapon over the USA and different countries decide to invade what is left of the USA? What would happen if the citizens were unarmed? What could they do without their weapons? The army would be the only ones with weapons if it was ever to happen and which side would the soldiers fight for would it be against the invading countries or against their own citizens on orders of Obama, in support of some sort of world government?

Why would Obama have a bunker possibly dug for himself? That alone tells me something is going to happen because he knows about it already. And so do the head of the religious churches. Take a look at the bible verse Isaiah 9:16; that is what is being hidden from the citizens. Apparently they don’t want to talk about it because they are afraid it would cause a lot of problems. Now I’m not saying all of the problems that I mentioned will become true but one never knows.

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