Sunday, June 28, 2015

Apparently Kathleen Wynne thinks she's the Queen

What I stated in a post not too long ago was that the Liberals and the New Democrats (NDP) in Canada are the equivalent of socialism. The NDP won't deny it, but the Liberals try to hide the fact. Their actions and legislation give their real intentions away though. Recently, provincially, especially the (Liberal) Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, has proven me to be right in my statement about those parties.

I wonder how many in that party will be re-elected come the next provincial election? The reason I’m saying that is that they must be in agreement with what she does and says because we don’t seem to hear of anyone of them trying to contradict her statements or actions. The way she’s acting and what she says it’s as if she was saying to the public I am in charge and there is nothing you can do about it - I’ll say and do whatever I want and you can live with the consequences. I would say that the Ontario Liberals didn’t have a good reputation to start off with (thanks to former scoundrel Premier Dalton McGuinty). I really believe that she will be responsible for the Liberals not being re-elected for a long time to come. Her minions that are with her now will be lucky if they ever get re-elected because she’s dragging them down. She is a poor example for a premier. I’m 80 years old and I have never seen a premier in any province doing and saying what she does. Perhaps in a future post I'll provide some examples. The reason I haven't in this post is that just thinking about her is tiresome enough to make me want to stop and take a break already.

I’m wondering why she doesn’t resign while she still has a bit of dignity left.

That is my rant of the day.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

This world is the same as the old world

Based on what I’ve been reading in some Biblical Scriptures and other history books, this world seems to be going back to the ways of doing things from ancient times. What we call Islamist radicals, they are doing what the Islamist were doing in the olden days. Mind you, I never read about them cutting off peoples’ heads. So far at least I haven't, but I think if I keep on reading I might discover some. What I’ve read up until now there was all kinds of violence that went on in the ancient times. The cause of all the violence was faith. More violence was also caused by people wanting more power and especially being Anti-Christian and being greedy.

I guess life was cheap in those days, just like it seems to be now with some Muslims committing suicide to kill other people just because they believe other people are infidels if they don’t believe in what they the radicals believe in.

I don’t know why the radicals would want to attack or kill anyone in the USA because of the rampant Anti-Christianity that seems to be gaining more ground every day there. People are getting shot just for the simplest reasons - like racism, which has been revived by Holder, Obama and Sharpton. To my concern they are the worst ones who are racist towards white people. The word racism was hardly mentioned for a long time in the news until those three came out of the closet and started to blame everybody else for being racist when they are the ones that made that word popular again because things weren’t going the way that they wanted.

Those are my opinions of some of the things that are going on in the USA.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I have read some Biblical scriptures and in those scriptures, America was never mentioned by name but referred to as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah from the old Biblical days. The reason I have taken an interest in reading the scriptures is because of a picture of Obama and someone (a priest or a Cardinal of some kind) and whatever they had discussed, it was kept a secret. By reading even just the scriptures of Revelation and applying reason to what I was reading , I soon discovered what it was all about. In the old Biblical days there was 4 people who prophesied what would happen in the future and so far a couple of things were prophesied in those days have came true in the last century. Read the scriptures and you will find out for yourself.

Now if America is compared to Sodom and Gomorrah what would happen to it in the end days? Specifically, in America what would happen to approx 300 Million Americans? If this was to happen, Mr. self-appointed king of the south (Obama) do you think that your sense of diplomacy could deter the self-appointed king of the north to change his mind about what his intentions would be? Or would you just leave the country?

There isn’t too much news that I don’t see as I am retired and with nothing to do I’m on the internet almost 24 hours a day and a lot of times I see news or videos that pop up and after reading them I store them in my book marks. At times some of those videos are deleted from the internet because of what I see and listen I know they won’t be up for long.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Carrying the necessities

The way I see it, the necessities of everyday life will have to be on a belt around the waist of students. That's also on one made especially for the King of the USA. Now as for the students, around their belt will be a holster for a smart phone that includes a calculator just in case they are given math problems at school. The president or the self-appointed king would need one for a cellphone and a pen for when he goes to a golf course,  just in case he would have to create an Executive Order or to veto a bill that would have been forwarded to him that he would not agree with. You know -  because it would be legal with the Constitution and contrary to what he would have in mind. To be fair to the students of the USA, I should also point out the some students here in Canada should be wearing the same kind of belt because of being texting maniacs and needing calculators at schools.

Those are only my opinions according to what I have been reading.

Hope you’re having a good day.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

More I couldn’t believe it stuff

I can’t believe what I found on this site.  When I read it,  I didn’t check with the English newspapers around here because most of them you have to pay to read the good (quality) portion of their news and it’s one thing I won’t do. 

In any case, here is what this piece is all about. A young Kenyan lawyer by the name of Felix Kiprono is going to offer Obama 50 cows, 70 sheeps and 30 goats for the hand of Malia in marriage. She is now 16 years old. When Obama went to Nairobi in 2008 apparently Malia was with Obama and this young lawyer has been in love with Malia ever since. At the time Malia was only 8 years old and now she’s 16. Apparently Obama is supposed to go back there in July. I guess that kind of proposal will be offered at that time.

Apparently this was in the Journal of the Kenyan Nairobian. Anyone that would offer me a deal like that for 1 of my kids I would blast him/her from here to Kingdom come. To me kids are more important than animals especially your own kids. No wonder this world has gone to hell. I’m anxious to see what is going to happen on this deal if its even reported in the newspapers.

 That is my rant of the day. 

Have a good day.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I can't beleive this one

While surfing the internet a while back, just to see how much more rotten this world has gotten, I came across this site. I will not even mention the name of this site, nor share a link. Being a Christian, I find it very hard to believe or even stomach what they claim in it. I typed in the URL again recently and it's still up. Honestly, I am not surprised because of all the people that have claimed to have given up on their faithfulness in the Creator of everything that wasn’t man made. If by mistake you come across this site, you better make sure that your faith is deeply ingrained in your mind before you attempt to read it. Mind you I said to make sure your faithfulness is really engrained in your brain because the people that wrote this are really convincing as to the way they have taken apart the scriptures. They are intelligent enough in their reason for saying what they do. Actually I would not advise any Christians to read it. I found it and read it just out of curiosity and now I feel bad about having read it.

I realize that I might have made a mistake by writing this because I’m sure that someone will do their best to find it and that is one reason why I did not mentioned the name of the site.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Criticizing the province of Québec

You people of Ontario that always have something to say about this province of Québec, instead of looking for something to blast Québec each chance you get, why you don’t read the newspapers or listen to the radio if you can’t read. If you do read the news, then you'll learn that what is reported on with those Liberals in Ontario that are supposed to govern the province don’t seem to register in your pea brain.  You have a mountain of your own problems that stem from bad government.

By the way while it comes to mind, we the people of this province pay our taxes to the Feds just as well as you do. If there is a chance that there is some kind of corruption going on in this province an investigation is started. In Ontario it seems that corruption is covered up. What about that McGuinty? Was there an investigation as to what went on when he was Premier of the province? If there was a real investigation, it would have been on all the news but I never heard or read of one even being started.

You people elected him 4 times even though he was accused of so many corrupt acts,  and yet when it came time for an election he was elected again and again. Now what you’re getting from those Liberals that seem to be your favorite, you deserve what you’re getting - more screw ups. Before criticizing this province clean out your own back yard first.
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