Saturday, June 27, 2015

This world is the same as the old world

Based on what I’ve been reading in some Biblical Scriptures and other history books, this world seems to be going back to the ways of doing things from ancient times. What we call Islamist radicals, they are doing what the Islamist were doing in the olden days. Mind you, I never read about them cutting off peoples’ heads. So far at least I haven't, but I think if I keep on reading I might discover some. What I’ve read up until now there was all kinds of violence that went on in the ancient times. The cause of all the violence was faith. More violence was also caused by people wanting more power and especially being Anti-Christian and being greedy.

I guess life was cheap in those days, just like it seems to be now with some Muslims committing suicide to kill other people just because they believe other people are infidels if they don’t believe in what they the radicals believe in.

I don’t know why the radicals would want to attack or kill anyone in the USA because of the rampant Anti-Christianity that seems to be gaining more ground every day there. People are getting shot just for the simplest reasons - like racism, which has been revived by Holder, Obama and Sharpton. To my concern they are the worst ones who are racist towards white people. The word racism was hardly mentioned for a long time in the news until those three came out of the closet and started to blame everybody else for being racist when they are the ones that made that word popular again because things weren’t going the way that they wanted.

Those are my opinions of some of the things that are going on in the USA.

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