Thursday, June 4, 2015

I can't beleive this one

While surfing the internet a while back, just to see how much more rotten this world has gotten, I came across this site. I will not even mention the name of this site, nor share a link. Being a Christian, I find it very hard to believe or even stomach what they claim in it. I typed in the URL again recently and it's still up. Honestly, I am not surprised because of all the people that have claimed to have given up on their faithfulness in the Creator of everything that wasn’t man made. If by mistake you come across this site, you better make sure that your faith is deeply ingrained in your mind before you attempt to read it. Mind you I said to make sure your faithfulness is really engrained in your brain because the people that wrote this are really convincing as to the way they have taken apart the scriptures. They are intelligent enough in their reason for saying what they do. Actually I would not advise any Christians to read it. I found it and read it just out of curiosity and now I feel bad about having read it.

I realize that I might have made a mistake by writing this because I’m sure that someone will do their best to find it and that is one reason why I did not mentioned the name of the site.

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