Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Criticizing the province of Québec

You people of Ontario that always have something to say about this province of Québec, instead of looking for something to blast Québec each chance you get, why you don’t read the newspapers or listen to the radio if you can’t read. If you do read the news, then you'll learn that what is reported on with those Liberals in Ontario that are supposed to govern the province don’t seem to register in your pea brain.  You have a mountain of your own problems that stem from bad government.

By the way while it comes to mind, we the people of this province pay our taxes to the Feds just as well as you do. If there is a chance that there is some kind of corruption going on in this province an investigation is started. In Ontario it seems that corruption is covered up. What about that McGuinty? Was there an investigation as to what went on when he was Premier of the province? If there was a real investigation, it would have been on all the news but I never heard or read of one even being started.

You people elected him 4 times even though he was accused of so many corrupt acts,  and yet when it came time for an election he was elected again and again. Now what you’re getting from those Liberals that seem to be your favorite, you deserve what you’re getting - more screw ups. Before criticizing this province clean out your own back yard first.

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