Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Carrying the necessities

The way I see it, the necessities of everyday life will have to be on a belt around the waist of students. That's also on one made especially for the King of the USA. Now as for the students, around their belt will be a holster for a smart phone that includes a calculator just in case they are given math problems at school. The president or the self-appointed king would need one for a cellphone and a pen for when he goes to a golf course,  just in case he would have to create an Executive Order or to veto a bill that would have been forwarded to him that he would not agree with. You know -  because it would be legal with the Constitution and contrary to what he would have in mind. To be fair to the students of the USA, I should also point out the some students here in Canada should be wearing the same kind of belt because of being texting maniacs and needing calculators at schools.

Those are only my opinions according to what I have been reading.

Hope you’re having a good day.

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