Thursday, December 29, 2016

Liberals, yuck.

Here is proof that the Liberals don't care how they spend the taxpayers' money. Now they are talking about building that hospital in Ottawa in Tunney’s Pasture while knowing that they could save some money by building it across at the experimental farm where they wouldn't have any buildings to demolish. This is proof of the spending that they do. Do they think that every citizen has a money tree growing in their backyard? Those Liberals have no respect for the taxpayer's money and they don't care how they spend it just as long as they get what they want.

I said before that the Liberals are for Liberals and no one else. Also if they think that they are going to boost the reputation of their party by having someone like the premier Wynne of the province of Ontario (and I don't care if she is provincial or federal she is still a Liberal), it's a poor example of a politician and a poor example for a party to have someone like her.

A couple of weeks ago her picture was on Facebook and she was standing there with her left arm in the air and the writing below that picture stated that she had trained Trudeau. Her exact words were "I trained Trudeau". If she has any brains I think they entered at the wrong end of her body she should hang herself upside down and shake for about half an hour and see if whatever little brains that she has will go to where it belongs in that empty thing on her shoulders called a head.

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