Monday, December 26, 2016

A rant in pictures

I have been having a running issue with my landlord.  Rather than ranting about it, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my place along with my commentary so you can decide for yourself if it's just an old man ranting or if you think I have some legitimate concerns. I'm confident you'll agree with me though. My landlord is an uncaring and greedy crone, who has the common sense of a turnip.

Pictured below are the step to go in my apartment. The drop is 18 ½ inches and it's been like that for 2 years now. She has had the other exits to the building for other tenants fixed but not mine. Keep in mind I'm over 80 years old.  My entrances was the most dangerous one of the bunch and she had even said so herself but she had the other ones fixed and not mine. When I called the man that had repaired the entrances he answered that he would have to call Judith. That tells me that she had never mentioned mine at all to him.

This is a picture of the hole in the wall going into the kitchen area.  

In the picture below, the ceiling has a hole in it.  They came in to fix a leak in the upstairs bathroom from the another apartment. Now it doesn't impact day to day life but it's unsettling to be eating and not only hearing the people above flushing their toilet but also to hear them going to the bathroom.  I mean every detail of it can be heard. 

Now in this case the first leak was fixed.  But when the second one happened and then fixed the landlady said "I’ll leave it like that to make sure it doesn’t leak again after it's been repaired".

The plumbers fixed it but the landlady never bothered to inquire about whether there are still leaking issues.  It's been over 3 months now. When people walk upstairs, if there is any dust we get it and our kitchen table below it and when one of those drunks vomit in the toilet we hear it as if it was down here. In that case there goes ones’ appetite or it comes back up. 

And she has the nerve to ask me for more rent, telling me that I was the paying the lowest rent of all the tenants here.That’s too bad for her. I signed a lease for $595 a month and that’s what I’m going to pay until the end of my lease (which is the end of September 2017). Then I’m leaving. So if my lease is renewed it will not be my doing. In fact she will be getting an email to that effect like she does with everyone else. After 18 years where I was living before moving here, that house was demolished to put up a triplex. Anyone can see I don’t like moving and I still don’t, but it will be a great pleasure in moving from this place.

Here are a few more pictures for your consideration. This one is a wider angle picture of my front entrance. The stove that I moved when I came in to put up my stove

When I moved my stove in and the old stove out, these are the stairs I had to navigate.  Speaking of stoves, this was also supposed to be cleaned when I moved in. This where the old stove was. 

One more gripe I have since I am on the subject.  My granddaughter drives from almost Toronto to come and see me.  It's a 4-5 hour drive for her. She can only spend about an hour or two here before having to leave to return home. I had asked the landlord if my granddaughter could park just at the start of the driveway and she said okay. But this guy with his little car started to park there and I told the landlord about it and the answer I got was that she didn’t promise me anything. In the meantime there’s a long driveway that no one parks in for the building.

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