Monday, June 23, 2014

Still more thoughts on Bergdahl

I was in the army and it did not matter where you were, guards were posted for the protection of everyone. Anyone that would try to leave was stopped. I don’t think the Taliban would send some of their men just to kidnap a lone soldier. He wan't even an important guy. Te only info he could have given them is how many soldiers were in the camp and what kind of weapons they have. No, I would say there was something fishy going on. I really believe that sergeant Bergdhal left of his own accord for some reason or other.

Another thing he was over there not to kiss the Taliban but to kill them and they knew this. They also knew or should have realized that even though he had given up his faith to become a servant of the Islamic faith he could have agreed to become a follower just to save himself. In any case this man was with them according to the reports for 5 years? And he's still alive and well?

Now I am not saying that he definitely left of his own accord but it seems very likely. And that would make him a traitor. My opinions are based on what my own experience in the armed forces.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

More Bergdahl thoughts

Why wasn’t he at his post? I’m referring to this Sgt. Bergdahl. According to some of the news that had been reported, this soldier was seen in a town asking if there was someone that could speak English. It was also reported that he had sent his computer home. This doesn’t sound like someone that has been more or less kidnapped by the enemy.

Just those facts alone, if true, would prove that he was not kidnapped.  Besides, why should the enemy take a chance in going in just to kidnap a single soldier? Ransom?  It seems like a risky tactic. Taking a chance of waking up the other soldiers when all hell would have broken loose and there would have been loss of lives on both sides just for the sake of one sergeant ? Also another thing - there must have been guards on duty which is standard procedures.   So where were they? Were they sleeping?

We all know that doing guard duty it’s to protect the perimeter of the camp so if someone tries to leave the perimeter whether it be a sergeant or not, he should have been stopped and found out as to where he was going.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Bergdahl prisoner exchange

The other day I just had finished listening to the news about this Bergdahl soldier. According to all the news that I have heard or read, this Bergdahl soldier left his unit of his own accord. Now, by his action of leaving his unit apparently some soldiers in his unit were sent out to look for him and some got killed for it. This man did not only betray the unit that he left behind but he also betrayed his country.

I’m wondering, was he caught by the enemy or did he himself go to them? And if he did, what was his purpose for doing so? And for him to be regarded as a POW is unthinkable. He is the one that decided to leave his unit. He became a deserter by his own actions. When I hear Obama say no soldier is left behind I got a laugh out of that. This guy was a soldier but decided to become a deserter and a traitor to his unit and country. So my way of thinking he stopped being a soldier when he decided to leave on his own accord.

In order to bring him back, five of the most dangerous Jihadists were released to the Taliban, thereby endangering the lives of soldiers that are serving in those countries. Maybe even the citizens in the USA have been put in jeopardy. He deserves to be courtmartialled.

Friday, June 20, 2014

How to be useless to everyone

Here's something that isn't a rant but rather a bit of advice.

Do you want to know how to become useless to everyone (including yourself) and be on a 10 pills a day and on a special a diet for the rest of your life?

Let me share my knowledge with you. Here is the formula for success in that venture.

(1) Eat whatever you want to eat, any time you want to eat it. (2) Sit at a computer as close to 24 hours per day as you can manage to sit there. (3) Do no exercise. Zero. (4) Limit your sleep to 3 to 4 hours per night. (5) Smoke as many cigarettes as possible. Aim for 3-4 packs per day. (6) Drink all the liquid you can manage.

Step 6 can cause interference with steps 2 and 3 as you will need to make frequent trips to the washroom. But if you follow the steps as much as possible, here’s what is going to happen to you, just like it did to me.

My heart got weak. My lungs shut down because of the fluid that was in them. My heart wasn’t strong enough to push the liquid out. My lungs and my kidneys shut down I had a blood clot so big that it was blocking the blood from going into my heart. so the cardiologist had to take the blood clot out then put in a stent which is like a perforated piece of pipe to reduce the size of the clot that would try to go to the heart.

I had a heart attack and my son had to call an ambulance. While in the hospital I actually drowned in my own fluids and I was declared dead. I had a brief moment in the afterlife and then I came back. The doctor still can’t figure out why I came back alive. I was even given the last Rites of the church. This happened back in late May 2011 and I am still recovering from it. I did stop smoking and I go for walks and cut down on my time spent on the computer. But I am 79 years old now so I have to watch it as next time I might not come back. I know my permanent time is coming because of my age but I say why rush it?

I just thought I would pass this along in case someone is doing what I was doing and doesn’t realize what could happen to them. My son is on his way to hitting a heart attack because he is doing the same as I was. I keep on telling him but he will not listen even though he seen what happened to me.

This is not a rant but a bit of advice.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scientists speak on e-cigarettes

There have been a lot of complaints about e-cigarettes lately. Some complain about the vapor burning their eyes, another one said he had to quit because his taste buds were turning black and another one claimed his tongue was swelling up. Of course you will hear complaints because a heavy smoker would be scared of the government making it illegal to smoke tobacco. And the cigarette companies want you to keep smoking regular cigarettes.  And there are busybodies trying to make e-cigarettes illegal.  And governors trying to tax e-cigarettes.

What I can to all of this is "bull". The only thing that can affect the user of e-cigarettes is the propylene glycol. This glycol is responsible for the sensation in the back of the throat that regular cigarettes do when inhaling. Some people are allergic to this but with e-cigarettes you can order some without this glycol. Glycol is approved by the FDA for foods so it can’t be dangerous. 

If you try e-cigarettes and you feel nausea or get headaches it’s the glycol that is doing it. Now here is a site that is surprising about e-cigarettes and who speaks up for the e-cigarette.
Fifty-three scientists have written to the UN's World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan cautioning her not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products, which would then lead to stricter regulatory controls on the nascent industry.

The scientists say that e-cigarettes are "part of the solution" to worldwide tobacco addiction.

"These products could be among the most significant health innovations of the 21st century — perhaps saving hundreds of millions of lives. The urge to control and suppress them as tobacco products should be resisted," they said.
Now if you have any complaints your imagination is just working overtime. Like I have mentioned before, after 66 years of smoking I quit those dirty sickening tobacco cigarettes using e-cigarettes, and I did not get hooked on the e-cigarettes.  I can leave them whenever I want and sometimes I go a week without touching them. When I do it’s because I have nothing else to do.

That is my rant of the day

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Protecting the enemy.

Protect your enemies while alienating your friends. Whether the supposed-to-be-leader of the USA realizes it or not, that is exactly what he is doing. Those people that he is protecting are not the nicest people in the world. They are killers and torturers and using religion to defend their atrocities in regards to other people’s lives. This leader of the USA might have in mind that he can stop all this by using diplomacy without any results and also not going after the terrorists that were responsible for the attack on the Benghazi embassy killing 4 Americans while doing so.

Now he’s talking about pulling troops out of this and that region because he wants to stop all wars? What is the matter with this man? He might be highly educated, but it seems that dealing with the type of killers that are only interested in killing and torture. This supposed-to-be-leader doesn’t have a clue of what to do. He's lost.  According to them, if anyone doesn’t follow their way of praising God, then it’s time for beheadings and torture and using woman as slaves. 

Yet this supposed-to-be-leader thinks by bringing the troops home that it will solve everything? No, doing what he’s doing will not solve anything.  Instead it will give them time to get organized and train new recruits into a good fighting group of terrorists. By the time this leader is finished taking the USA down bit by bit a group of well-trained terrorist will not have to many problems in causing great damage to the nation of their choosing, be it Iraq, Aghanistan or America.

I will say this man has no experience in warfare and it show.  And when it comes to terrorists, bombs and rockets will not affect them because it's guerrilla warfare and they don’t care about anyone’s life or even their own.

Once again, Obama is proving himself worse than useless.

That's my rant for today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Provincial election in Ontario.

I was anxious to see how many Ontarians would vote for the provincial Liberals again. I will say that since these provincial Liberals were re-elected, the people of Ontario deserve what they will get. What will they get now, with a Liberal majority government? More years of screw ups. More taxes. Hydro bills will increase. They will also get whatever else the Liberal brain trust will think of to empty the citizens' wallets.

Why are those Liberals so popular? That would be my question of the month. Can’t people see what those Liberals have done to the province? Can't they see that the Liberals are still doing it? Are the citizens of Ontario so preoccupied by other things, that they haven’t time to find out what those Liberals are up to? Do Ontarians not listen to the news or read the newspaper?

Those Liberals remind me of the Democrats in the USA. They will do and say anything just to get elected and once elected they have in their mind “to hell with the voters, we were elected so we will do what we want." That means they will raise taxes and also tax whatever they want. McGuinty did it when he was premier, then when things got too hot he resigned and left. He got away with every wrong that he did.

I guess in the USA, liberals = Democrats and Canada liberals = Liberals. But the similarities are the big screw ups. I would add that this time the voters in Ontario screwed up too.

That is my rant of the day.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dithering on Keystone

What is the matter with president Obama? Why is he dithering on a decision to accept the Keystone pipeline when there are so many in the USA that would gladly accept it? They would gladly accept the jobs, gladly accept the impact on lowering oil prices, gladly accept the decreased dependence on oil supplied from volatile regions o the world. Is it because he would rather buy from nations that are not too friendly with the US or did someone offer him a good sum of money to refuse it? The excuse given (which I find very weak) is because of the environment. What about those rail tanker crashes? What about the Exxon Valdez oil spill of Alaska a few decades ago. The president doesn't seem to realize that the world is not ready to run everything off of solar power and HOPE. Or is it something else altogether but will not tell us?

The big question should be this: would the US profit by buying the oil from a friendly country like Canada? The answer is definitively YES. The US would benefit with jobs and cheaper oil. But of course this could never be done because it might prop up the economy and it seems in the Obama administration that would be a no-can-do option.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why bother having a Constitution at all?

Click on the picture for another misguided teachers story.
The other day I came across this interesting post about one of my favourite topics to tant about, and that is what is happening in schools in America these days.  I read the post and my first thought was that there was just too much to say about and so I didn't even bother with it.  But I decided that I would limit my comments to my main points and let my readers think about the issues themselves.  After all, I think I have intelligent readers.  Or I'd be willing to wager that at least most of my readers are intelligent.

Here's a portion of what I read that got me bothered.
If you need further evidence of what they are trying to do to our schools, then listen to this. Eighth graders at a school in Campobello, SC were told that police can confiscate your legal guns whenever they want…and that there is nothing preventing them from doing so. This was basically discovered when a parent took a look at their child’s recent quiz, which asked if a police officer acted according to the Constitution by confiscating a legal gun at a traffic stop. The student had originally answered “no, not Constitutional,” which is the correct answer (of course). However, the teacher told the child she was wrong and that the police officer had the right to take away the legal gun. Furthermore, the student also said that this was related to the 4th Amendment against illegal search & seizure, but was again told that she was wrong.

So, clearly the teacher was either completely ignorant of the Constitution herself, or there is something else going on. There is certainly no doubt that our government planners are trying their hardest to get kids thinking that the Constitution is not something with any meat or truth behind it. In fact, they really want to get the children thinking that the parts (especially the 2nd and 4th Amendments) dealing with our right to bear arms are hollow, meaningless rights or ideas. That the government has total power and control to do whatever they want, whenever they want…and all without question from us obedient little tax paying servants. This is what they want, folks. They want us to believe that there is not such thing as inviolable rights.

The simple facts of the matter are that schools have now become part of the problem...
Yes, schools are a part of the problem. I've boiled my thoughts down to two main points which I will share with you now.

(1) You know the Republic is gone when the Constitution doesn't matter. Why have a Constitution at all if preserving it and teaching it, properly, to your children is not a priority? In fact it is being mis-taught to the next generation. Are Americans so willing to give up what their forefathers fought and died for? Or what they or their parents subsequently came to America to become part in? That is shameful.

(2) Do you want to know the reason America is losing ground to China and other countries around the world? It's because teachers are not teaching your children properly. They are busybodies trying to mould your children in their own, politically correct, everybody gets a trophy, America is the root of all evil in the world, America is unjust, progressive liberal images. Teach the kids math and reading and science. Don't teach them your own ideals. That is not your place as a teacher or as a school system. It also doesn't teach children to be thinkers, it teaches them to be robots.

If that's what you want go to some country like North Korea. Stop trying to change America for the worse.

That's my rant for the day.
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