Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Provincial election in Ontario.

I was anxious to see how many Ontarians would vote for the provincial Liberals again. I will say that since these provincial Liberals were re-elected, the people of Ontario deserve what they will get. What will they get now, with a Liberal majority government? More years of screw ups. More taxes. Hydro bills will increase. They will also get whatever else the Liberal brain trust will think of to empty the citizens' wallets.

Why are those Liberals so popular? That would be my question of the month. Can’t people see what those Liberals have done to the province? Can't they see that the Liberals are still doing it? Are the citizens of Ontario so preoccupied by other things, that they haven’t time to find out what those Liberals are up to? Do Ontarians not listen to the news or read the newspaper?

Those Liberals remind me of the Democrats in the USA. They will do and say anything just to get elected and once elected they have in their mind “to hell with the voters, we were elected so we will do what we want." That means they will raise taxes and also tax whatever they want. McGuinty did it when he was premier, then when things got too hot he resigned and left. He got away with every wrong that he did.

I guess in the USA, liberals = Democrats and Canada liberals = Liberals. But the similarities are the big screw ups. I would add that this time the voters in Ontario screwed up too.

That is my rant of the day.

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