Sunday, June 22, 2014

More Bergdahl thoughts

Why wasn’t he at his post? I’m referring to this Sgt. Bergdahl. According to some of the news that had been reported, this soldier was seen in a town asking if there was someone that could speak English. It was also reported that he had sent his computer home. This doesn’t sound like someone that has been more or less kidnapped by the enemy.

Just those facts alone, if true, would prove that he was not kidnapped.  Besides, why should the enemy take a chance in going in just to kidnap a single soldier? Ransom?  It seems like a risky tactic. Taking a chance of waking up the other soldiers when all hell would have broken loose and there would have been loss of lives on both sides just for the sake of one sergeant ? Also another thing - there must have been guards on duty which is standard procedures.   So where were they? Were they sleeping?

We all know that doing guard duty it’s to protect the perimeter of the camp so if someone tries to leave the perimeter whether it be a sergeant or not, he should have been stopped and found out as to where he was going.

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