Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A disease called conceit.

Conceit. When a person is afflicted by this kind of disease, it is very dangerous for that person. I would say a person like that is also dangerous to everyone around them. That type of person doesn’t realize people are laughing at him/her.

That type of person will do and say anything, to get others to agree with him/her even to stand on a podium and lie to con people to agree that what he/she is doing it’s the right thing. All in an effort to get people to go along with his/her lies.

This type of person is called Obama.  The supposed to be the leader of what was once a great nation through his conceit once he was elected as leader of it, has made that once great nation, not great. The nation is now dilapidated just like his brains are because he is corrupted by the disease of conceit and he thinks he can’t do any wrong.

If he once had a good reputation, he has lost it. He has proven himself to be a liar and a conniver.  Of course he's not as good at it as the officials of Iran because they got what they wanted out of him. This man thinks he is above the law an can do whatever he wants and that is because his cohorts are too chicken to realize that what he does and says is mostly wrong and that he is dragging them down with him.

Some might say this blogger has no respect talking about our leader like that. Well I will say that you are right in your thinking and I will agree with you. How can a person like that be respected with all the scandals and lies and cover ups that have been done since he has been elected as the Commander in Chief? How can you respect someone who has been ignoring parts of the Constitution to get what he has wanted? If this man had any pride at all, he would resigned to save whatever is left of his reputation.

My criticism is based on all the things that have been reported about all the wrong that he has done since becoming the leader and by listening to his speeches and press conferences in videos.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is unbelievable.

This might be hard for some people to digest, but it happened to me and I had to write about it. I used to own a pitbull. She was a female and her name was Cindy. I had to have her put down because she had worms in the flesh and nothing could be done about it because she was too far gone by the time I noticed that there was something wrong. I kept on giving her bath after bath thinking that she had fleas. It didn’t matter what kind of shampoo I used to kill the non-existent fleas it just didn’t do any good.

I decided to take her down to the animal hospital and when the veterinarian checked her he told me what was wrong with her.  Then he said that he could give her some medicine but that I would be wasting my money as she was too far gone. My only recourse was to have her put down. Instead of prolonging her suffering I agreed to have her put down. About an hour later my dog was gone from this forsaken world.

I got that dog from a friend of mine when she was only three months old and she was 13 years old when I had to get her put down. I have had lots of dogs (and I still do because I love dogs as they are your best friend in the world). When I go to bed at night, there is one thing I don’t like is to cover are my feet, they have to be left uncovered and when I had my Cindy she used to lick my feet every night especially my toes.

I now have a mixed pitbull and a dachshund and both sleep on my bed at night.  They don’t get out of bed until I do. A couple of nights ago, I went to bed as usual and fell asleep.  Later I got woken up by a dog licking my feet. I thought maybe it was the pitbull or my wiener dog but when I looked both of them were sleeping. Then my thoughts fell on my Cindy, I figured she had come back to lick my toes like she used to do. Believe me or not it made me very happy thinking that even in death, my dog still missed me.

I must say that if someone would have come to me with a story like that I wouldn’t have believed it. Now that it happened to me I would believe it. I guess it only stands to reason that they must have a soul like we do as some of them are just as smart as some humans and they can think. How many times have you heard about a dog or cat saving someone from some tragedy like a fire or drowning or from being attacked by another human? Or its guardian got lost in a bush somewhere, injured, but they can’t move and his/her dog went and got help?

I think of there are human spirits or ghost if you prefer calling them that.  So why couldn’t there be spirits from some animals like a pet cat or dog? These animals become part of a family and when something happens to one them then we a worry about it as if it were a kid because they have become part of the family.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

He's destroying the USA

Who did you Americans elect in the last election? Could it be someone sent from a third world country to win the election and to destroy the nation?  To me it seems that would be the way to do away with a nation that pokes its nose in other governments' business.  Wouldn’t it? If that is so, then the one you elected is doing a good job of it.  Plus he's busy alienating friendly nations while making friends with not-so-friendly nations (towards the USA). Why did you not once, but twice elect him president?  It makes no sense.

Can anyone tell me what this supposed-to-be-president has done to keep up the reputation of the USA? And what has he done to prop up the economy? Actually I should ask what has he done except caused chaos in everything that he does? I get the impression that he thinks that the citizens are all stupid and that he’s the only one that can teach them how to live.  People lived for thousands of years before Obama showed up to show them they were doing it all wrong.  What a relief now that he's finally here to straighten everyone out.
Seriously though, if there weren’t so many chickens in that White House the supposed-to-be-president would have been impeached a long time ago. I just can’t understand why after all the things that he and his cohorts have done (and not done) that they are still allowed to go on destroying the nation. He has shown that he has no respect for the people that have elected him.

He has also shown his dislike for the nation on many occasions. He doesn’t seem to be interested in going after terrorists that have kill some citizens (despite the occasional drone strike).  He's not interested in trying to get some citizens of the USA released from those jails (or should I say dungeons?) which seem to be places of torture and killings? I really believe if they were Muslims, athiests or other non-Christians he would have them released in a hurry.

I will say this, I am not an American, but what this guy is doing amounts to an enemy taking over a nation. But this is all being done by him.  And he's doing a good job at it while being helped by his cohorts. Those cohorts either don’t seem to know what is going on or realize it, or else they don’t know what to do about it, or they are scared of failing and losing their jobs and reputations.  I guess that those two things come before the nation.
Like I stated. I am not an American, but I have to speak up when I see injustice done to a nation and its people. 

The comments stated in this rant are my opinions.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Visiting third world countries?

What I can’t understand, is why any American citizen would want to go and visit any third world countries. Don’t they realize that they are putting their life in jeopardy by doing so? Simply because of the USA poking their nose in other countrie's business so much, even the ordinary American citizens are considered an enemy in many nations. It seems that people in those countries don’t realize that it’s the politicians that are doing it and not the ordinary citizen. Or they do realize it and are willing to use ordinary citizens as pawns to get concessions out of America.

So what happens? Some of them disappear or get killed outright or get put in jail on some trumped up charges. Especially with the leader that the USA has now, there is no way that anything would be done to get a release for anyone imprisoned on trumped up charges. Here is what I mean. When they had a meeting not too long ago with the Iranians in regards of their nuclear work, why weren't any of the foreign citizens jailed in Iran included in the deal? What about the doctor in Pakistan?  I guess he doesn’t count because he only helped to catch the worst terrorist of perhaps all time.

No it’s like I mentioned before, do not depend on your so called leader to speak up for you. If anyone of you gets killed while visiting those places, no one will ever be told the truth about why you were killed. My advice would be look at some place else to go and visit. Some of those people in the third world countries love the Americans so much that it would not surprise me if they would consider it as a sport just to shoot them. Then with the fist up in the air they'll be yelling God is great.

Those are my opinions of the day as I keep on reading about what is going on.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Loose tongues at large

Tonight while reading either Fox News or News and Current Events - I don't recall where I saw this unfortunately - I noticed this article about what Obama was supposedly doing in Chicago bars, before running for the presidency of the USA.  I will not say what this big mouth accused Mr. Obama of doing in those bars. If you want to find out go and read the news, that's up to you. While I don’t like Obama for what he is doing to the country, I especially don’t like blabbermouths.  Back in the war they used to say loose lips sink ships.  Loose tongues are all over the place these days.

Obama was smart enough to con people in giving him a job as president. Up to now, he has not shown any sign of being able to lead whatsoever. But while what he is doing now is everybody’s business, what he was doing in his private life is no one’s business but his own. He was allowed to run for the presidency of the USA and he was elected. If you think that what you have to say would have gotten him disqualified, then it was up to you to speak up and show proof of your accusation before the election. Since you didn’t, then I would suggest that you delete it from your mind and just move on.

This man is a human like you and I. He is allowed to make mistakes. In fact he is proving that he is human by the lies that he throws at the citizens each time he opens his mouth.  In that way he's pretty much like all humans on this Earth.

I don’t want to seem to be standing up for this so called leader.  He deserves to be criticized for what he is doing now but not because of his past. What he is doing now is screwing up the country so badly, that the next thing you’re liable to read or hear about is that, the USA has gone bankrupt.That's enough to criticize, more than enough.

That is my rant today.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

America's got problems

I turned my attention away from the problems of the USA for a few days.  Guess what:  the problems are still there.  I can see big problems coming for the USA. I have been saying all along that the US doesn’t need Jihadists to destroy the nation as long as Obama is trying to act like a leader. He is doing a good job destroying it on his own.  I’ve been saying all along he is taking the nation down bit by bit. 

Tonight while reading the news I happened to go on this site  and read the whole page and there are (or were a the time) 53 comments and most of them I agree with what they are complaining about.  Except for the name calling, the comments are pretty correct. I say if you can’t criticize without resorting to name calling then you don’t say anything. To quote a friend of mine “name calling doesn’t make for an argument”. 

I suggest you avoid this cycle.
I would say not too long from now people will rebel against the White House. Every day I read about more and more people who are dissatisfied with everything that is going on with a leader that lies and ignores the Constitution to get what he wants.  No one can believe anything He says. I am not an American and I am retired and I spend my time reading the news from all over. so I am not without a frame of reference on this. I think Mr. Obama will eventually destroy the nation either on purpose or because of a lack of knowledge and big ego that interferes with making proper decisions. 

At the risk of being dull I will repeat what I said many times before: He is destroying the nation and the Democrats along with it. 

If I was an American citizen I would try and get him impeached. In fact, especially if I was a Democrat.  They have not only a nation to lose but future credibility for a generation to come.  There are enough reasons for it. Before all hell breaks loose (like a big revolution that brings on mass destruction killings and wounding and suffering) someone should try to impeach him.  I’m not an American but I can still offer my opinions.  Being neighbor to what used to be a great nation and see it taken apart bit by bit is demoralizing. A person has to wonder what is going on.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Check this out!

Updated song of the week with dancing.  Some incredible dancing here.

Kicking the smoking habit

After smoking for 65 years I tried to quit. I don’t know how many times I have tried, but I have to mention that I don’t have the willpower needed to really quit.  Last Friday, a friend of my son brought  over two kits to stop smoking.  He said it was a Christmas present. I took it just to be polite and thanked him.  He then showed me how to load it up with this mix of nicotine and some kind of oil.

This kit comes with two of what looks like a piece of straight pipe. I’m not kidding -- these things are 5¼ inches long and about ½  an inch in circumference.  They are neat looking; mine are purple with a silver band in the middle.  They have a battery charger and a bottle of the stuff that you put in a little at a time and if you’re a heavy smoker like I am, when you fill this thing up, its good for at least three days. And doesn’t take too much to fill it up.  Since I tried it that same night, I have tried one regular cigarette since then and I will say that cigarette was thrown away after a couple of drags.  The thing seems to be working.

Since this is the first kit it’s the strong one in taste but once your system gets used to this one, then another kit comes that looks the same but with weaker nicotine.  And if you get the last kit well you’re just creating vapor with all of them.

What I like about those is that not only are you quitting smoking but whenever you feel like smoking just take a drag on it as if it was a regular cigarette. Also you can have fun with it.  No smoke comes from it as it’s only vapor and there is no tobacco smell. Since you only create vapor, you can go into a store and you take a drag on it and keep your mouth shut for a couple of seconds and the vapor has disappeared there is no smell and no one knows you just have just smoked because this thing looks like a toy. I tried this in the Giant Tiger store and even though people were looking at me, they didn’t know I was smoking. They must have thought that I was some kind of a senile old man playing with a toy. Just one week and I know I will have this bad habit beaten by the time I finish the last step.  That's great.

In fact I feel better already when I get up in the morning. I don’t cough. I mostly don’t wake up choking in the middle of the night, but when I do cough, it’s the garbage coming out of my lungs. I've heard that is normal from other people who have quit.  Those things are called Evod.  They're really good stuff. And I'm not being paid to say that, they really are.  If you really want to stop smoking but you don’t have the will to do it, I would suggest you try the Evod kit

I wonder what they'll think about this stuff if everybody ends up quitting someday.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drugstore ripoffs

When you have a prescription keep your receipt. That's my advice.  I’ve been taking pills since the May 2011.  My first bill was on the 27th of the month, but since I wasn’t getting the full amount of pills that I was supposed to get of course I had to go in earlier to get the refill. Each time I was charged more. This went on and on until finally one time I went to pay for my prescription and it cost me more, I asked the girl at the counter why it was costing me more. She answered that it all depended on the day that I was coming in for a renewal.

I then went to see the pharmacist and complained to him and his answer was that the bills come from Québec.  I said "Okay, the bill may come from Québec but who counts the pills that are supposed to be given out?"

My reasoning is that if you don’t get all of your pills to last you for the amount of time prescribed, whose fault is that?  The pharmacy didn't have enough, they should dispense the rest for free.  How can you stay on a regular date as they claim you should, if they don't have enough pills? This ripoff comes from them being short on the pills they give you and the bill to the health department is for the full price. Another month and I’ll have enough evidence to report them.  I have witnesses that have seen and counted my pills when I come back from the drugstore.

Bunch of ripoff artists.
That’s my beef for today.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Plastic, Plastic & Plastic

In this world today, it’s all plastic. I'm not even talking about water bottles and that type of plastic.  I'm talking about plastic items you need for day to day business. Things like social security cards, hospital cards, bank cards and credit cards are a necessity these days.  All plastic.  In Canada we even have plastic in our money. All these cards are made with inferior garbage material. As far as plastic goes, it's not even sturdy plastic.

The reason I’m saying this is because if a person would want to keep them in good shape, they would have to frame them and hang them on a wall, only carry them when you are going to use them and then put them away as fast as possible.

These cards can be carried in what it called a pocket secretary, which is usually carried in an inside jacket pocket where there would be no pressure put on it whatsoever. If you don’t have a pocket secretary, you have to carry them in your wallet and usually a wallet is carried in a back pocket of your pants and when you sit down that is where the damage happens to these little things made out of inferior material.

What they should use is this material that is some kind of plastic that is used to make car bumpers. I forget the name of it. The worst card I myself have at this time it’s the social security card for seniors. They are nice cards no picture of the senior but a picture of the government building and it’s a black card.  Simple. No privacy issues as far as a the picture is concerned.  

But this card is just has bad as all the others - if not worse.  It's still made of garbage material and your name and social security number disappear from the face of the card quickly as they get worn off. As it is now I have a security card which is black with a picture of the parliament building but no name on it. 

Plastic is my beef for today.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This is unbelievable (because it's not true)

I entitled this unbelievable, because I simply don’t believe it. That's with good reason - it isn't true.  I’m not the one that dug this up. What archeologist have found (according to satire site The Onion)  put what is written in certain parts of the Bible in doubt.I'm not going to write what was written about Jesus because it's pretty offensive.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Iranians did it again.

The Iranians did it again. Yes indeed, the Iranians once again have triumphed by winning more time for their nuclear weapons project.  Not only did they gain more time, but they also managed to get a little bit of economic relief in the form of $8 billion from the sanctions that were previously imposed on them. I have to give them credit - they are smart.  They now have a pretty good track record of outsmarting those who thought that they could outsmart Iran with diplomacy (i.e. Obama and his team).  When it comes to making deals,  Iran seem to be the best or at least currently they are the best. In this situation they could never have been beaten because they always had something up their sleeve (as the saying goes) and they knew how to use it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


What is the idea behind sunglasses?  My thinking is that the purpose of sunglasses is to wear them when the sun is too bright.  Often in the winter when the sun is barely out the snow, being white, with the sun is shining a little bit it does still irritate the eyes. They call it snowblindness.  Wearing of sunglasses does make sense in those circumstances. Some people though, seem to love sunglasses so much that they give you the impression that they might even sleep with them on.

What prompted me to write on this subject was something from last night. I was sitting at the computer which is next to my front door where I can see people going back and forth. This was around 7:30 P.M.  It's the time of year that at that hour, it's been dark outside for quite a while.  I noticed this man and woman walking along the sidewalk past my house.  I would say their ages were in the range of their 30’s.  As they were walking down the street I noticed that they were both wearing sunglasses and it was pretty dark - no sun, no snow-blindness. Not even  blinding street lights were an excuse to be wearing sunglasses. Nothing.

So why wear those glasses? Do people that do wear sunglasses when it’s not needed think that it makes them look better than what they normally look like? Or perhaps they felt like it makes them more mysterious. Or maybe they need to be incognito and they are thinking that no one would recognize them. Or, are they just plain stupid and don’t know the difference between night and day, or when it’s bright and when its not? 

I would say it's mostly punks that think it makes them look like gangsters.

That’s my rant of the day.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Iranians are smarter than the West

I’m beginning to think, the Iranians are smarter than the politicians in the Western world. After decades of stalling for time to enable them to continue their nuclear agenda, they finally did it again. Now they have six more months to keep on going. I guess it would take those six months to finish off their agenda where it could be done in the least likely place (that no one would know about, except the ones involved in the building of a nuclear bomb). To top it all off not only did they get more time but also some sort of relief from the sanctions that was imposed on them.  That's expert diplomacy, not like the dumb diplomacy practiced by the White House these days.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Let that be a lesson to the world.

What a mess the United States is in. Well folks this is what happens when a person is elected as president, simply because of being a good talker and is one who has a big ego. He was and still is inexperienced and in over his big, inflated head.  Since I first heard him giving speeches early in his first run for president, I said to myself this guy means big problems for America. He has proven me (and many others) right by everything he has done so far (and by what he hasn’t done too).

Friday, November 22, 2013


You Americans voted for this foolishness.
As I have said before, I don’t know too much about American politics, but I’m learning fast.  I'm quite anxious to see the results of the next election. As I see it, I don’t think that there will be too many Democrats or Republicans that are now at the White house or in Congress or the Senate being re-elected. From what I can see, most everyone that are in there now should be voted out and especially the president and the people that lie for him. I also hope that the American people remember the ones that have lied to protect Obama, come election time.

I wonder if Obama will have a job for his yes-people, and also for the ones that have already resigned because of their lies for him, when he tries to find himself another job or maybe even another country where he will be able to con the people into electing him.

Well we will soon see how smart the American people are come next election.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A very dangerous world

I was reading the news the other morning (like I mentioned before, I go to several sites that I know to read about what is happening in this forsaken world). What worries me, is the tension amongst different nations and the the supplying of better weapons to their militaries. This to me gives the impression these nations expect that some global or local or internal conflict is liable to break out at any time. I will agree that something could happen at any time like a war, because of all the problems that have developed during all these years of 'peace' in the civilized countries. Let’s not forget that a certain person has opened up a highway called diplomacy and sometimes it works and often times it doesn’t.

Actually, that's not my point.  Let me get back on topic.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lewd tasting games

Here we go again with some of the crazy things that happen in American schools. This time, it was in an elementary school in Los Angeles (or Lost Angeles).  A teacher by the name of Mark Berndt is accused of blindfolding children and feeding them cookies laced with his semen.  He was caught, charged and has agreed to plead no contest to molestation involving 20 students. 

The guy should be fired and put in jail and the families should sue the school for what happened to their kids.  They probably will.  Now if this is not a pervert, I would like to know what it is that this type of person should be called. I have to give parents in the USA credit for having the courage to send their kids to schools these days. Especially after reading and listening to the news about what goes on in those schools almost every day they continue to send their children to these schools.  There's really not much more I can say about it - it was lewd and perverted and involved children, it's simly disgusting.

That is my rant of the day.

As a side note, I wish I could still walk long distances, so that I could walk down the streets and report on the funny things that people do while walking down the streets by themselves.  It's a treasure trove of material for me to rant about, but they aren't really rants because a lot of it is just plain funny.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The ship is sinking more and more.

In a post that I wrote referring to a rudderless ship, I forgot to name that ship.  The name of it, is the USA. This ship has been sinking for a long time now and with everything that has happened and still is happening, has widened the leaks.  If something is not done about it, I can see it going down deeper and deeper faster and faster.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Iranian leaders - worlds best connivers

The Iranian officials seem to be the best connivers in the world. These people will do and say anything and everything necessary to complete their nuclear agenda. Every meeting that there has been with the Iranian officials in regards to their intentions about their nuclear agenda, has been unsuccessful.  Whenever the mention of them stopping their agenda of obtaining nuclear weapons they give their reasons for wanting nuclear power.  They claim it is solely for electricity. Of course they do have the highway of diplomacy open for them.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lies + scandals = mistrust

Do the occupiers of the current administration of the USA, as a result of all of the lies and the scandals they have perpetrated on the American citizens, realize that they have cause America to be mistrusted around the world?  They have perpetrated lies upon their own people.  Americans now have to enroll into a law that will take away the insurance plan that they had and that they could afford, only to replace it with what? This new health care law means they are losing it and also if they get something else, they are paying more. I really think this law will be the last straw in killing the American economy.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Call center rant

This is Canada and in this country there are two official languages: English and French. My beef is with some of these big businesses, that have people in their call centers that answer the telephones who are not fluent enough in either language to be in that position.

I know a lot of these businesses hire immigrants and I have nothing against that.  They need jobs too.  It’s just that when you have to call a company to deal with something or get a new product or service, your interaction with the company is the person at the other end of the call. If that person that answers the telephone can’t understand what you are calling about, or can’t give you an answer that you can understand because of the communication then it complicates things. 

 Here is what I mean. This was either on Friday or Saturday of last week. The telephone started ringing so I answered it.  When I did, the person started talking, but all I could make out it was a person from Bell Canada asking me to accept a long distance call.  Unfortunately, she could not tell me where the call was from, or pronounce the name of the person who was calling. I just hung up on her. I know it’s not too polite to do that, but I figured that it would not hurt her feelings so much as me getting mad at her and giving her hell for doing the work that she was not prepared (language wise), to do.

I don’t blame that person for that, her abilities are her own.  But the person that hired her and put her in that position is responsible for getting the most out of the position. Perhaps Bell does not care whether people understand their phone operators.  That is a bad business model, but it is also their choice.  As it was my choice not to take the long distance call, and deny Bell the money from that call.  

Most immigrants are hard workers and for them to be put in that kind of position shows a disregard for those people’s feelings, because the one responsible for putting that person in that position, must have known darn well the problems that this person would encounter from the customers, especially a customer of a telephone company.

Just remember people, if you call a business and an immigrant answers and has problems explaining or understanding you, it’s not their fault. These people are working at whatever they can get and are doing their best to do the job that they have been given.

That’s my beef for today.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Schools in America

I've written quite a few posts about what goes on inside the schools in America. I've reported about students being suspended for wearing some clothes that the teacher didn’t agree with.  I've written about some teachers locking up a student in a small room.  I've written about the color of a student’s hair, on and on.  Some schools have even gone the anti-Christian path and I have written a lot as to what goes on in these schools.  But I keep finding problems in American schools to write about. I found one more.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mayor Ford and privacy

I’ve been reading about Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford in the news. Now what I would like to know is why was this man watched? Why was his privacy invaded? By taking videos of him in his back yard and then apparently another video taken when he was in someone's living room, isn't his privacy being invaded?  Here is a site with the story if you want to read more about his rampage in a living room about him babbling about committing murder but with no mention of the intended victim’s name. 

Now why was this man followed anyway? Was it because someone else would have liked to get him kicked out just so that person could try and get in as mayor? Or was it a grudge that the person who took the video had or someone hired by someone else to use the law to settle a grudge? I look at it this way, if the man could do his job and his crack smoking did not interfere with his work why should it matter what he does once his day is over?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cover your butt.

This is the time of the year I imagine a lot of teenagers and some adults do not like - winter.  That is because of the cold they can’t show their butt to everyone by walking down the street having their jeans half way down their butts. Teenage girls in particular, and some adult woman, are now not able to walk down the street showing off what they have by wearing the least possible amount and still not attract the law. These poor people must hate Mother Nature for this time of the year.

 I wouldn’t be surprise if some of them are saying to themselves “please God get these cold seasons over quickly so I can be myself again and dress and show off as much of myself as I can”. In this world today I would not be surprise if this has been thought or even said by some immature person with low esteem and a belief that by showing off what she has, she would attract more attention to her.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Woman wearing dangerous weapons

I wonder why any woman can walk around with dangerous weapons and not be stopped. Reading this someone will think that I have lost it. Well I don’t think that I’ve lost it yet, but reading further you will know what I mean by dangerous weapons.

You might know just as well as I do if you have been going to some clubs, you might have noticed that some woman get in brawls just as men do.

Especially the ones after a couple of drinks that have no control after a certain amount of alcohol, they go out of their mind just like some men do. There is a difference in men brawling they have no weapon but most woman like to keep in style and they walk around with those spike shoes those heels are at least 6 inches in some cases.  If someone gets hit on the head hard enough with one of those spiked heel it's almost guaranteed that it would pierce the cap of the skull.

What reminded me of those spike shoes is this: I saw a woman who walked by my place today in high heel shoes. I guess they must have been new to her because she did not seem to be able to walk properly.  I thought I might have to go out there and offer her my cane. Then I figured I'd better not, as I have enough problems health wise without going to the hospital to get one of those spike heels out of my head. The way she was walking I’ll bet she was hoping that she would have put on a pair of proper shoes instead of trying to show off and be stylish. She sure didn’t look to happy. It made me happy just to see a person making an ass of herself just to keep (I would guess) in style. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Revisiting a post

Revisiting a post that I ranted not too long ago asking (once again) if the USA was turning into a third world country, I had to add some more thoughts.  Thoughts, about anal probes. After what I read yesterday about what the police did to this person I would say that the USA is indeed becoming a third world country. 

You might be interested as to what could happen to you in the USA if you get pulled over and you tighten your butt. I would say some police officers might think that you have some drugs up your bum and that could land you in a hospital to be treated as a person that has no say as to what happens to you.

If these so called "police" that are hired to protect the public have no regard for other humans and they act upon a hunch that you may have drugs up your bum (simply because of you tightening your bum) well, then they show the contempt for citizens that you'd expect to see in a third world country. Don’t these guys realize that most people are nervous when they get stopped by the police and they just tighten up? But it doesn’t mean that they have drugs up there. I do watch the TV show Cops and yes I seen some of them pulling out drugs from the crack of their bum once they're pulled over. But to treat a person like I described in the post, is beyond being inhumane and they should all be jailed and/or fired.  the same goes for the one that signed the search warrant.

Just be careful if you get stopped by the cops in the USA -- do not tighten your bum because if you do you are screwed.

That’s my rant of the day.

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