Thursday, December 5, 2013

Drugstore ripoffs

When you have a prescription keep your receipt. That's my advice.  I’ve been taking pills since the May 2011.  My first bill was on the 27th of the month, but since I wasn’t getting the full amount of pills that I was supposed to get of course I had to go in earlier to get the refill. Each time I was charged more. This went on and on until finally one time I went to pay for my prescription and it cost me more, I asked the girl at the counter why it was costing me more. She answered that it all depended on the day that I was coming in for a renewal.

I then went to see the pharmacist and complained to him and his answer was that the bills come from Québec.  I said "Okay, the bill may come from Québec but who counts the pills that are supposed to be given out?"

My reasoning is that if you don’t get all of your pills to last you for the amount of time prescribed, whose fault is that?  The pharmacy didn't have enough, they should dispense the rest for free.  How can you stay on a regular date as they claim you should, if they don't have enough pills? This ripoff comes from them being short on the pills they give you and the bill to the health department is for the full price. Another month and I’ll have enough evidence to report them.  I have witnesses that have seen and counted my pills when I come back from the drugstore.

Bunch of ripoff artists.
That’s my beef for today.

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