Sunday, December 8, 2013

America's got problems

I turned my attention away from the problems of the USA for a few days.  Guess what:  the problems are still there.  I can see big problems coming for the USA. I have been saying all along that the US doesn’t need Jihadists to destroy the nation as long as Obama is trying to act like a leader. He is doing a good job destroying it on his own.  I’ve been saying all along he is taking the nation down bit by bit. 

Tonight while reading the news I happened to go on this site  and read the whole page and there are (or were a the time) 53 comments and most of them I agree with what they are complaining about.  Except for the name calling, the comments are pretty correct. I say if you can’t criticize without resorting to name calling then you don’t say anything. To quote a friend of mine “name calling doesn’t make for an argument”. 

I suggest you avoid this cycle.
I would say not too long from now people will rebel against the White House. Every day I read about more and more people who are dissatisfied with everything that is going on with a leader that lies and ignores the Constitution to get what he wants.  No one can believe anything He says. I am not an American and I am retired and I spend my time reading the news from all over. so I am not without a frame of reference on this. I think Mr. Obama will eventually destroy the nation either on purpose or because of a lack of knowledge and big ego that interferes with making proper decisions. 

At the risk of being dull I will repeat what I said many times before: He is destroying the nation and the Democrats along with it. 

If I was an American citizen I would try and get him impeached. In fact, especially if I was a Democrat.  They have not only a nation to lose but future credibility for a generation to come.  There are enough reasons for it. Before all hell breaks loose (like a big revolution that brings on mass destruction killings and wounding and suffering) someone should try to impeach him.  I’m not an American but I can still offer my opinions.  Being neighbor to what used to be a great nation and see it taken apart bit by bit is demoralizing. A person has to wonder what is going on.

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