Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A disease called conceit.

Conceit. When a person is afflicted by this kind of disease, it is very dangerous for that person. I would say a person like that is also dangerous to everyone around them. That type of person doesn’t realize people are laughing at him/her.

That type of person will do and say anything, to get others to agree with him/her even to stand on a podium and lie to con people to agree that what he/she is doing it’s the right thing. All in an effort to get people to go along with his/her lies.

This type of person is called Obama.  The supposed to be the leader of what was once a great nation through his conceit once he was elected as leader of it, has made that once great nation, not great. The nation is now dilapidated just like his brains are because he is corrupted by the disease of conceit and he thinks he can’t do any wrong.

If he once had a good reputation, he has lost it. He has proven himself to be a liar and a conniver.  Of course he's not as good at it as the officials of Iran because they got what they wanted out of him. This man thinks he is above the law an can do whatever he wants and that is because his cohorts are too chicken to realize that what he does and says is mostly wrong and that he is dragging them down with him.

Some might say this blogger has no respect talking about our leader like that. Well I will say that you are right in your thinking and I will agree with you. How can a person like that be respected with all the scandals and lies and cover ups that have been done since he has been elected as the Commander in Chief? How can you respect someone who has been ignoring parts of the Constitution to get what he has wanted? If this man had any pride at all, he would resigned to save whatever is left of his reputation.

My criticism is based on all the things that have been reported about all the wrong that he has done since becoming the leader and by listening to his speeches and press conferences in videos.

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