Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oversized boxes

This morning while doing some clean up in my kitchen cupboards, I noticed 4 boxes of Barilla cut macaroni (454g each). When I picked them up to move them to a different spot, I found them quite light for the size of the boxes they were. I decided to open one and see the contents and to my surprise for the sizes of the boxes they contained approximately  5/8ths  of the box with macaroni.

I’m not criticizing the price of the product here, but what is with the amount that is put in the boxes?  I realize there is a saying you get what you pay for, but being deceived by the size of the container, is not getting what you are paying for (or you think you are paying for), it's getting ripped off. I know the amount of the contents is marked on the box in that stupid metric system but that really doesn't help me much.  Old antiques like me don’t know anything about that type of measuring. If those boxes would be filled and even double the price then the people would be getting what they pay for according to the sizes of the boxes. You could tell just by looking at the box how much you are getting.  If the company that puts out this product (or other companies and products that do the same) doesn’t want to fill them and charge accordingly, then they should get their boxes made to fit the contents.

I have noticed that there are a lot of oversized containers of product, that are sold that way just to deceive people into thinking that they are getting a good deal until they open it. That is where they get their surprise.

Those are my opinions.

Have a good year in 2014.

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