Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I remember when the environmentalists were saying that the planet is warming up. Then they were saying that the water was rising in the oceans, because icebergs were melting. I can tell you right now, that if the icebergs were melting like they said it were, the water would not rise anymore then what it is at this time or at any time.

Here is why I’m saying this. Anyone can do a little experiment like I did. I took an 8 once glass and filled it up with ice cubes. Then put as much water in it as I could up to the rim, then I let the ice melt and after it had melted there was no spilling of water. The reason is because, whatever volume of space that the ice cubes took, it took the same volume of space when the ice melted.

Once they finally admitted that the planet wasn’t warming up, they decided to change it to climate change.

This is the same type of argument as to what kind of pesticides we can use on our lawns and gardens. Now some of those pesticides that we can’t use that provided better results.  But now we can’t use them. Since some of these pesticides have been banned and now how many diseases have been attributed to mosquito bites? 

That’s my rant for today

Have a good day.

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