Monday, January 13, 2014

Something is wrong here.

Something is definitely wrong here, unless my thinking is way off base. According to the news I have been reading in regards to Obamacare, a lot of jobs will be lost. Now I read that they want to boost the minimum wage. That would be more money for the employers to pay out. Between Obamacare, and the extras that these employers will have to put out, do you think that is encouraging the employers to keep all their employees on full time jobs? 

 If the employers of big businesses have to reduce the amount of employees they have, because of these two reasons, how many workers would be without a job?  Let me give you an example.  What about these take out places? Could they really afford to pay more than what they are paying now? Of course not.  They are businesses with slim profit margins after their expenses are all paid. So the only recourse for them would be for them to raise the price of their product, if they want to keep their employees. This would be the same for all businesses.

Now what do we get as a result? A lot of loss jobs. More people collecting unemployment benefits and more on welfare and food stamps. What I would like to know is this; how can anyone think that this type of  approach prop up the economy?

That's my rant.  Have a good day.

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