Saturday, January 11, 2014

American midterm elections, 2014

I guess soon we will hear a lot of lies coming from Democrats blaming Republicans (and vice versa) for all the problems that are going on. I really hope the voters have wakened up to the fact that there is a need for a change in that White House. From what I can read and watching the news in a certain party, there seems to be a lot of yes-people who are not there for the good of the country but only to appease their king and save their jobs. That’s as much as I can say, because I’m not more familiar with the politics of the USA.

From what I have been reading I would say these yes-persons are not looking out for the good of the people but for themselves and with that supposed to be leader, the United States is heading for the bankruptcy department.

With the president's yes-people and big ego, there is no way that he will bring the nation or the economy back up to where it should be. He’s too busy at finding ways to disregard the Constitution to get what he wants (a more liberal state or one that is easily overcome by it's more socialist counterparts). At this time, people’s privacy has more or less been taken away and next it will be free speech.  He will keep going until the country is turned into a third world country or a communist country.

The only thing to do at this time until his term is finally up, is to take some of his yes-people away from him and that can happen in the-election coming up. Not all the yes-people are in the White House.  There are plenty in Congress and the Senate that enable him.  Getting rid of enough of them will start a cleanup and the final cleanup can be done when the King's term is up. Then there might be someone that can be elected that is a leader.  It could be someone that would be worth calling president and not some phony that the USA has now. What you people have now is a leader and I say that word and I say that word (leader) loosely that seems to be only interested in diminishing the country and turn it into a has-been of a world leader.

That is my rant of the day and hoping the voters will vote with their intelligence and do away with his yes people so the country might have a chance of recovery.

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