Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The leader of North Korea

The supposedly human-being who is the leader of North Korea, has proven to the world that trash can think and walk on two legs just like a human does. The reason I’m saying is because of what I read on NewsMax last week.

After having his uncle stripped along with his  five associates, they were thrown in a cage with dogs that had been starved for three days.  Apparently the uncle and his associates were eaten alive in a few minutes while, according to the report, 100 officials stood by and watched. This "leader" has nuclear weapons.  With his kind of thinking shouldn’t they be destroyed or taken away and this guy executed? I would say at this time  a person with this kind of arsenal for their military is not safe for the security of the world.

If a man or punk like that can do that to another human, especially a relative, what does he think about the human species? As long as he has those weapons combine with that kind of thinking, he is a clear and present danger to world peace and his weapons should be destroyed - along with him.

Have a good day and stay away from North Korea.

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