Monday, February 16, 2015

The White House makes no sense

What I can’t understand is the fact that the White House refuses to use the words "Radical Islamist", or to consider the Taliban a terrorist group but rather just an armed group. What would you call an armed group that goes into a school and shoots 142 kids? And they also kill other innocent civilians? If that isn’t terrorism then what is it? Is it their way of showing how they love their neighbors? People that would entertain this kind of head-in-the-sand thinking as politicians (or anyone else for that matter) are either sympathizers of terrorists or are as useless as tits are on a bull.

It's doubtful they are being serious about the security of the nation, or the world. What about ISIS? Are they just an armed group that happens to like to cut off a person's head just to relieve some of the weight on a person's neck? Or are they showing their love of other humans?

I can honestly say Radicals Islamists is what they are. They are a bunch of terrorists and no other given names to them will change that fact. Anyone that doesn’t want to recognize them as Radical Islamists are sympathizers of those radicals.

Those are my opinions as I stated.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Thou shalt not...

According to the Biblical commandments, “Thou shall not commit murder ” (or kill, I forget which is the correct wording). That would be an unforgivable sin and according to the Church of God, your soul would be incinerated, never to exist again. Now as to the other sins in the Ten Commandments, if you don’t ask God for forgiveness or confess your sins before dying then you go straight to Hell and there you burn for eternity. Now from what has been reported according to some who have died briefly and described what they felt, to me that would be torture. In other words, if you don't want to be tortured like that you would have to kill someone so as not to be tortured after death but incinerated instead.

Now this doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t think that there is one person in this world today that has no sins at all. No one knows if they are going to be killed by a freak accident of some kind at any time of the day or die in his/her sleep. To be without sins these days a person would have to be on a planet with no one else around or maybe be in a coma. So it's not possible to avoid being tortured is it?

On a related note, from what I have read, Disciple Paul was the only one that could write - so everything that Jesus said would have been reported to Paul. As we know these days, anyone that reports something doesn't always remember what the message was that they were supposed to convey. They added their own version of what they thought was told to them and the results were contrary to what the message was what it should have been. So how accurate is the Bible we read today?

Those are some thoughts I have had lately on religion.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Whom to believe (Part 2)

A discussion of some thoughts I've had about God and the afterlife, continued from Part 1.

What if you died suddenly as a result of a freak accident or just died naturally without any warning? Would a forgiving and good God make you suffer in a burning hell for all eternity? I cannot believe that anyone doesn’t commit what they call a sin verbally or by some thoughts from the time they get up to the time they go to bed.

Good and evil are all around us, day and night. In the past I have seen manifestations of some people that have passed away. I had lived in a house that had a ghost in it and she appeared to me when I looked in the front window when I had initially went to rent this house. At night when I lived there, I could hear her walking in the kitchen moving pots and pans. The lights were coming on by themselves in the day time, the radio was turning off or on by itself. One day my granddaughter came out of the bathroom shaking and white as a sheet, saying that someone called her name while she was in the bathroom. Myself going in to take a shower I could feel a cold draft in that bathroom going in to it. I have witnesses to all this.

My point is that there are so many unknowns about the afterlife, and when I ask about whom to believe when they tell us what they think, it's because I think no one really knows anything about it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Whom to believe (Part1)

Who is telling the truth about God, or does anyone really know? Or are people just making up stories as they go along and do they really believe that what they are saying is the complete truth? Some people say that God is a good God and yet according to this priest that used to come to our school, if a tragedy would happen we would ask him why did it happen? And his answer would always be it was Gods will. Now does that make any sense? If God is as good as they claim him to be then why would they say it was Gods will`when people suffered?

I don’t really believe in all this goodness and forgiveness that is attributed to God. I know for a fact that the Catholics priest claim that if you die before confessing your sins you go straight to hell and the church of God preaches that when you die you stay in your grave till judgment day when the dead shall rise to be judged at the end of time.

Now if you go to my other blog, Bob’s Ghosts ,you will see quite a bit about people that have died briefly and experienced what Hell is all about -  the suffering of the souls that are there (according to their stories). Now if I would have read about only of one or two people like this, it would be hard to digest but there are too many of them to discredit what they had seen and felt. I have read that if you’re not admitted to the Kingdom of God, your soul is incinerated, never to exist again. What I find hard to believe would be the torture of burning for eternity and I don’t believe a good and forgiving God would do that.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

132 children massacred at a school in Peshawar, Pakistan

According to a Whitehouse spokesman, the Taliban are not a terrorist group. This is what I read when I opened up Newsmax on January 29th. Not too long ago this same group went into a school in Peshawar and shot 132 children to death. They tried to classify the terrorists as just an armed group. Bull. For an armed group to go into a school and shoot a bunch of children like they did, what would you call that? Baptizing children under fire? Why not get them all together and give them a Medal of Honor for their bravery for shooting a bunch of school kids. I’m telling you Americans when you have people in the Whitehouse with this kind of thinking then I will say you have real problems. This kind of group of people that would shoot 132 kids is nothing but Islamist Radicals.
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