Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another American School

While reading Fox News last night I happened to see this article about a family suing a Connecticut school and some staff members for allegedly indoctrinating their three daughters into a religious cult. According to the parents, this cult promotes martyrdom and celebrates death. Apparently the indoctrination continued by the teachers when two of the girls went to Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

According to the parents the girls became secretive and have lost their sense of humor and empathy and are speaking a bizarre language. I have written quite a bit as to what goes on in these schools in the USA. With everything that I have read and written about what that goes on in these supposedly educational institutions, I find it hard to believe that many kids come out of them with a good education.

Who is responsible for the curriculum in these institutions? Kids being told how to dress, parents being told what to feed their kids, and if a kid wears a T-shirt the picture that it has had better be approved by the teacher or the kid is in trouble. Schools are telling the kids when to get a haircut and in one instance kids got in trouble for apparently shooting a bb gun at home - not even on school grounds.  In another case, a young girl of thirteen years old was told to get a breast reduction to stop other students from bullying her. In yet another case, a kid that couldn’t talk and was using sign language got in trouble because the sign that he made looked like a gun.   He was told to change his name and not too long ago I wrote about a school teaching inappropriate sex to children. 

There is a lot more that I could write about what goes on in these educational institutions but I think I have found enough examples over the last couple of years to convince readers that something is clearly wrong with the schools in America.

That’s my rant of the day.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A bunch of chickens.

While reading the news on different sites like I always do, I came across an article (sorry, I lost the link) that had, I would say, a thousand comments about Obama that weren’t too nice. One comment that I came across was one where the person claimed that impeaching Obama would bring on cries of racism. No doubt from what I’ve been reading, it seems that if a person is anything other than white there would be cries of racism.  This word seems to be rampant these days as an excuse for lack of something actually meaningful to say.

If Obama were to be impeached and someone would start saying this is racism, I would say that the person saying that would be un-American.  Those cries would be from someone that is not aware of how his/her country is being taken apart by a man who has every intention of destroying the nation. His actions and lies and scandals prove that’s what he is doing.And if you are unaware of what is going on in your country, and you are willing to just shout racism, you are not doing your country justice as a citizen.  That, is un-American.

This president might be an American citizen, but that’s as far as it goes. I will say that he’s not an American in his heart.  If he was, he would show it by using action instead of talk and do something to go after the terrorists and enemies of the nation. I believe this man is in it for himself and no one else. I believe that if things really got too hot for him that he would consider martial law. 

One question sticks in my mind and I can’t forget it. Why would a nation like the USA want to order guillotines? I wrote about that a while back and it`s still not clear to me.  And what about those FEMA camps that have finally come up in the news lately? Why were there guards, guarding these camps before picking up homeless people and locking them up? This was reported recently on the Fox News website. Are they going to be turned into concentration camps? I may sound paranoid but this is frightening stuff that is happening.  In my opinion I would not trust the Obama administration for anything. I believe if by the next two elections (2014 and 2016) there is no change in the party dominating government, what is known now as the USA will be known as a power that used to be.

I really hope that I’m wrong in my opinions but from what I can see and read in the news it doesn’t look to good. 

Oh, and why did I call this post a bunch of chickens?  Because if Americans don't do anything about what is happening to their country, and do it in the next two elections, then they are a bunch of chickens (either afraid like chickens or just as dumb as chickens).  They will end up with a country they deserve for being a bunch of chickens.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Listen buddy, I need your opinion.

Well buddy, this is not a post but rather a message to you. As I stated before, I believe that the USA will end up being by itself, without allies and without any clout in the world. As long as they have this supposed-to-be-leader they are traveling further and further down that road. I read on Fox News recently something from a few months back that proves my point. Apparently Saudi Arabia is distancing itself from the USA and France will be following soon.
Secretary of State John Kerry is in Saudi Arabia meeting with King Abdullah today before heading to Poland. Saudi Arabia has been distancing itself from the U.S. over the slight melting of relations between Iran and the U.S., the American handling of the Syrian civil war, and over Egypt. Kerry may be trying to do some fence-mending.
I also read on Fox News that Obama's fingerprints are all over the IRS scandal. I will state that being president is no place for an amateur like Obama. If nothing is done about it before his term is over the USA may very well be completely beyond repair. I will go as far as to say that he is a menace to the nation. The sooner he is out of office, the better off the nation will be. There is enough evidence to impeach him in order to save the nation. br/>
What else does he have to do to damage the country more before something is done about it?

I just thought that I would ask your opinion on it. I can honestly say I know what con men are like and they will go to any extent to get what they want. They will hide the truth with lies and they will also convince others to go along with their lies. He has already done that. He’s making liars of people I think would normally tell the truth, but to save their jobs some would distort the truth. If he is able to do that, then He’s liable to go to any extent to cover his agenda. That could create problems beyond repair for future presidents.

There is a history of presidents starting wars to cover their problems and scandals. Many people believe Bill Clinton started combat in Yugoslavia in order to distract from the Monica Lewinsky repair. President Obama could also go to the extreme of starting a war to cover up for his lack of presidential or to cover up his agenda. To me, his agenda seems to be to destroy the nation. From what I have been reading about him since he has been elected, and putting everything together (his scandals, the secrecy, the lies, the making of enemies of formerly solid friends, the monitoring e-mails and phone calls for example) he has made one hell of a mess.

If some of those egg heads in the U.S. government can’t see what is going on then they deserve what they elected.

Those buddy, are my opinions of this supposed to be leader.

I didn’t want to write anything today, but I was lying down earlier and I was thinking about this guy and I got mad enough to get up and write and see if its only me who is thinking this way. Am I wrong in my way of thinking about the things I’ve read about president Obama? Am I wrong about the things he says when he’s making a speech and him having the audacity to lie on TV? Does this man really think that we are all stupid and we don’t know when he’s lying?

Now I got that off my chest I can go back to bed tonight and see if I will wake up in the morning.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The biggest mystery of all.

The biggest mystery of all mysteries will never be solved and this big mystery I’m talking about is about God. Did God always exist? And if He did, where did He come from? And who created Him?

Right off the bat, someone is liable to respond that God is a myth. Anyone saying this should be asked if God is a myth then how did us humans and all living things come to be? And that includes Mother Nature with all the beautiful plants, hills, forests, the different planets, the stars, the moon and sun and the oceans, lakes and rivers. If all of that came into being in a big bang, what caused that big bang to happen? And why did life suddenly spring into being billions of years later from a massive explosion? What sparked that to happen? That's a hard question to answer.

The Bible (there are all kinds of versions of the Bible, and other holy books from other religions too) explains it in Genesis. But since there are so many versions - which is the true one that really tells it as it was? The Christian Bible has been translated into so many languages that I would say the meaning of some of the passages were changed because of translation complications. So a different word could have been put in here and there that caused the meaning of the word to change. But the same change could have also caused the entire sentence to mean what it wasn’t meant to mean.

The results of making these changes so often is that 2 or more people could read the same paragraph and end up with each one having completely different understandings of what it means.

To me the only thing that can’t be misunderstood in the Bible is the Ten Commandments because that is straight forward and cannot be misread. That’s why I say to any one that questions the meaning of a paragraph in the Bible to just live by the Ten Commandments and you can’t go wrong. That’s what I do. Well, at least I try but some time it’s hard. These days if a person lives according to the Ten Commandments and doesn’t deviate from them at any time I would say that person is on the wrong planet.

They're probably too good for this world.

This really isn't a rant, it's more just a stream of thoughts about the origins of the world and the meaning of the Bible. But I thought I would share it today.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Stupid Statements by Stupid People

Smoking, that is.
Some stupid statements by stupid people need to be called out. In this case, I`m going on again about e-cigarettes. Let me remind you that the vapor of these cigarettes is water vapor. Now some are claiming that e-cigarettes give the sensation of burning in the eyes, they cause trouble swallowing, they cause taste buds to turn black, and cause tongue swelling, among other problems to users of e-cigarettes. What I’m going to describe next is what I have tried on myself that proves these are stupid statements by stupid people.

First, I got my son (who also uses e-cigarettes) to blow vapor at my eyes from 6 inches away. The vapor went into my eyes and I felt no burning. Then we tried again from about 2 feet away. At that distance the vapor had evaporated before it even got to me. Yet from what I read on Fox News the other day, this woman said that smoke came from an e-cigarette at the next table to theirs at a restaurant. I think her imagination was working overtime because it’s not smoke but vapor and having this vapor coming all the way to her table, well that’s just bull.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I hate myself

Yes, I hate myself. I hate myself for getting interested in American politics. Before every once in a while I would check the news to see what was happening in the USA and around the world. Now, all I read about is all of the scandals and lies and cover ups and the protection of a supposed-to-be-leader of the USA. That protection comes not only from some chicken minions that are scared to go against his wishes, but also a lot of the media who are not reporting any bad news that includes Obama. In fact, it seems that they always find some other thing to report on that doesn’t include the king.

I am just wondering if most of them are secretly Democrats, or are they scared that no interviews would be available to them if they were reporting anything that would disgrace this supposed-to-be-leader. This protection comes even though he is destroying the country bit by bit and by making more enemies for the country. What about the people that were elected to speak up for the citizens - where are they? Have they all become liberal Democrats (Republicans included)? The way things are now, it seems that everyone has become liberal Democrats. Why is no one doing anything to stop this president? Or are the Republicans trying and they are just too inept to succeed? In my opinion from keeping up on what is going on in the USA, I would say the Obama administration is the most corrupted that I’ve read about so far. True, I read less in the past but the type of things that are going on now, would have been front page news every day if a Republican were president - especially George Bush.

What about the Iranian ships that are allowed to come into the American waters? Where are they now? This was big news at one point, now - it's hard to say what happened to them. If Iran had backed down, you know the media would be trumpeting Obama's success right now. Shouldn’t the current status be reported on? A nation like Iran that would like to destroy the USA is coming to the shores of the USA and no reporting. What's up with that? It seems that is not worth reporting as to how close they are getting.
I am not the brightest person in the world and not one with the highest level of education but I know enough to know what is going on and what is going to happen to the nation of the USA if there is no change in the White House soon. I am not an American, but more of a concerned bystander that keeps on reading what is going on and what I can deduce is that you Americans are being sold out.
Those are my reasons for hating myself for becoming interested in what is going on in the United States.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Not a rant.

I realize this is not a rant -- it’s not meant to be. While surfing the internet I found this video about a young girl that shocks an entire studio. The only reason that I thought of mentioning it in my rant blog is because on my other blog, Bob’s Ghosts, I write a lot about the mysteries of this world which we have no answers for as humans. For instance, the degree of intelligence that some babies have at an early age is incomprehensible and I call that a mystery.

I know there is only one deity that would have the power to do this and that deity is God. I realize some unbelievers will be unhappy because of who I just mentioned as being responsible for this particular mystery. If anyone can provide me a better explanation for the video than my personal belief, then please let me know. Like I mentioned before I have seen quite a bit on this type of phenomenon -- babies that are born with unbelievable knowledge. Some of these examples come with videos.

Even if you don’t have faith in a Super Deity you can still look and be amazed. I can say with certainty that just by checking these happenings out on my other blog, nothing will happen to you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More on garbage in our food

Related problems.
The "yoga mat" chemical azodicarbonamide has been banned in the U.K. because of a risk that it causes cancer. Let’s face it, a chemical that is used to make shoe soles and yoga mats cannot be good for the 500 foods that it’s used in. I’m beginning to think that instead of eating food made for humans we should start eating animal food. It might just be safer than the food produced for human consumption.

Via Fox News:

I guess the producers of the foods that we eat, are not deterred by the damage that some of these chemicals can do to a person’s health. Just as long as it looks good, and tastes good, and sells well. Money is clearly the first thing on their minds. We can’t even trust the meat that we eat because of what’s given to animals to make them fatter. Cows are given things to produce more milk and chickens to lay more eggs. Then things are taken out of the milk and added to it. Margarine was supposed to be for animals and it ended up being for human consumption. Then there's all the salt that is in our food, and this garbage aspartame and whatever else. Our food just doesn't seem safe or natural at all.

They say sugar is no good for you so they come out with aspartame. It seems to be more dangerous than sugar. These so call scientists that I’ve blogged about add to the confusion. One group claims that if you’re a tall person your IQ would be higher than a short person an also if you are old age you tend to be a grouchy person. No wonder this world has gone to the dogs with some of these stupid things that people of 'intelligence' will say just to be mentioned on the news or to be paid for it.

Let me add one last point. Thee is a lot of conspiracy theory about the government and agri-business. Much of it is crazy talk, but just because that is the case it doesn't mean there are some elements of truth or at least concern in what the government allows the food industry to get away with. These people might have vivid imaginations but I would say that it doesn't mean they don't have some valid concerns about real issues. Food safety is something fundamentally important to everyone.
Giant agribusiness companies are slowly and quietly spreading their scientifically altered seeds to so many farms that nearly half of all foods on supermarket shelves now contain some ingredient that has had its DNA tampered with by science.
Well I guess I’m finished because I’m a grouchy old man and not tall enough to have a high IQ. I didn’t know I was in that bad of a shape but at 79 years old I finally found out what some of these so called scientists think about people like me.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to become a proficient liar.

If you’re interested in becoming a proficient liar, you can take a course on line free of charge. Here is what you do. Open any website that has American news 24 hours a day and listen carefully to most politicians when they are asked questions in regards to the president’s actions or statements. Now if it happens to be a liberal that is asked questions, you will be provided with different lies on the same question. Whenever I go to a site that has the news, especially any sites that report on what is going on in the USA, I tend to think of Santa Claus' eindeer. The one that has the red nose the leader (that would be president Obama) and the others (all his followers and henchmen). The rest of the reindeer are afraid to tell the truth. I guess he has these butt kissers well trained.

Your course on how to become a proficient liar would end once Santa and his cohorts will be out of the White House.

I’m at an age that I can leave this world at any time but I hope to be here by the midterm elections in the United States.  I want to see how many of these butt kissers will get their walking papers. Then I still want to be here for the election in 2016.  That may be pushing it. But I want to see what happens.  As of now, I now seen a leaking ship without anyone at the rudder and that is causing that ship to sink (and a lot faster than we think). Right now I would say the sinking of that ship is about 90% under water. It will be a miracle if it can last another 2 years before being on the bottom of the ocean. With a good leader at the rudder the ship would be floating high. The leaks would get fixed. A lot of people were saying Mr. Bush was a warmonger but one thing about him cannot be denied - the USA had respect from its allies and they could depend on help if it was needed.

That is my rant of the day.

Friday, May 9, 2014

More on recycled humans

Not too long ago I wrote a post in two parts stating that I think that we are 'recycled' from a previous life. While surfing the internet, I spotted this post.  It triggered me to remember writing about the recycling of humans. The post in question says something about kids knowing what they shouldn’t be able to know according to their chronological age.

I realize that some of this could be made up but, I have read of too many instances about kids knowing what they shouldn’t know for all of these stories to be made up. My own experience of doing something that I had never done before and shouldn't have know how to do (as I also mentioned in that previous post)  Also makes me think that we may very well be recycled humans.

While I read about what those kids knew at their age, I found some of it really hard to believe. We have to realize that there are a lot of things that are happening or have happened in this world that is still a mystery to us.Not all of it is stuff that science can explain.

I look at it this way, according to the Bible, we are put on this world for a purpose and when we leave this world without having accomplished what we were put on this world for, I believe that we are recycled back to this world to accomplish what we were supposed to have accomplished.

I know some people reading this will say this guy has lost it. I would say you could be right but if you read your Bible (that is if you even have one) and really think about what you're reading and what it means you might come to the same conclusion that I have. Remember the Bible says that only God can kill the soul and there will be a judgment at the end of time when everyone will be judged and the ones that will not pass the judgment their soul will be incinerated and never to exist again. 

That is my rant of the day.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Some people are never happy (part 2 of 2)

This rant is a brief continuation of yesterday's rant about people who are never happy unless they are complaining about something. I concluded with an example about people complaining about the use of e-cigarettes.

With e-cigarettes you can quit just like I did. It was relatively easy for me. Most doctors that know of e-cigarettes, will say that e-cigarettes are a lot better than tobacco cigarettes. They do far less harm to the human body than regular cigarettes - if any. It's not smoke that it creates when a person inhales or exhales from an e-cigarette. It's water vapor. It doesn’t burn your eyes as has been reported and there is no smell to it except in the case of the flavored ones which would emit the smell of the fruit you are vaporizing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some people are never happy (part 1 of 2)

Some people are never happy unless they are complaining about something. Before you get all indignant, I do understand the irony of ranting about people ranting about stuff on a blog full of my own ranting. While I do focus on things I have an issue with here, I am not only happy if I am complaining about something. I actually do have a pleasant side. The stuff I complain about is stuff that I believe needs fixing. And I frequently usually post suggestions on how to fix those things as well.

With that out of the way, on to my observation. Some people do indeed appear to never be happy unless they are complaining about something. Is this maybe their way to vent their frustration on everything that is happening in this world?

Monday, May 5, 2014

The evils of aspartame

Aspartame. Why is this garbage of product still allowed to be used in our foods and drinks? My son is 47 years old and whenever he ingests any product that has this garbage of Aspartame in it, he gets really bad migraines. That is too coincidental to be a coincidence.

I was watching the video below on how dangerous this product is to our health. I would refer you to this site for more about aspartame.

I wrote a post not too long ago where I talked about how money was worth more to some people than our health. After seeing this video and other videos on what is used in our food, I must say greed has taken over the mentality of our food producers and pharmaceutical products.

Every day you read about dietitians that tell you, to stay healthy you should eat this or that. I would say to those dieticians, before you advise people on what to eat to stay healthy you should do a good investigation as to the product that you people tell us to eat and not eat. After you have done some good research, you might be surprised as to what you’re telling us is good to eat.

Why are there so many people getting sick these days? Even people that follow some of these diets in order to stay healthy, end up with poor health and in hospitals. The reason is the garbage that is included in the foods and also in the medicines that we are not told about.

That’s my rant of the day. You want to stay healthy? Eat what you want as your diet and you just might be healthier than if you eat what you are told to eat.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Deceived by my own thoughts

I have been deceived by my own thoughts.  My reason for saying this is that my eyes have been opened because of what I’ve been reading in the news since I’ve taken more of an interested in American politics. I was deceived by my own thoughts in my thinking that the American people were smart.  But after a couple of years of keeping up with all the news from the USA, I must admit that I was wrong in my way of thinking.

Here are my reasons for coming to this realization.

1. In America, you have elected a leader that very little of any real value was known about when he was elected, except that he was a senator.  As a senator he often didn't even vote on issues that came before the Senate.

2.  The president's education details can’t be checked as his files on that are sealed. Then there was unresolved trouble about his birth certificate and doubts as to its legality.

3.  The president has shown by his conduct that he knows nothing about leading a country.  Yet his support, while down, remains much higher among the public than it should be. Is that smart?

4. The president has proven himself to be unable to tell the truth on numerous occasions. But the 'smart' American people continue to let him get away with it.

5. The president has been getting other people to lie for him as well.  As seasoned political people they willingly do so, even though may of their decisions to do so have helped weaken their country.  Not smart.

6  The president has at times refused to abide by the Constitution to satisfy his own objectives. This should be  show-stopper for the American people.  The last time I checked, he's still emperor. Giving away your liberty is not smart.

7.  The volume of scandals at the White House stubbornly remains ignored by the uninformed masses.

8. The president has a history of  using diplomacy as a reason for not going after terrorists or rogue nations like Syria.  Americans willingly let their national security be undermined by the president.  That is just plain dumb.

9.  Propping up the economy don’t seem too much of a big concern for this president.  Yet Americans re-elected him in 2012.  Why?

10.  The president has come out with laws or proposals of his choosing (e.g. Obamacare, new taxes) that seem to be going against the propping up of the economy and causing a bigger hassle for the citizens.

11.  The entire administration doesn’t seem to have any experience in managing anything. Yet Americans seem to be even more down on Congress who keep trying to clean up the president's messes.  Not smart.

I would say to you people take a look around you, get busy and pay more attention to what is going on in your country.  Find out how many businesses are sending out work to other countries where the labor is cheaper so the rich will get richer and provide less jobs for the citizens of the nation.  The president has done nothing of substance in this regard, and the people of America are alarmingly ignorant about it.

12.  With what businesses have to pay for Obamacare, plus recently the attempt at boosting the minimum wage, all of this doesn’t show any interest in boosting the economy but dragging it down, business by business. In other words bankrupting the nation.

A good investigation should be done on anyone running to be elected as president from now on.  Americans need help apparently.  They don't seem to be smart enough to figure these things out for themselves.  I used to think they were that smart.  No longer.

Those are my opinions.

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