Friday, May 2, 2014

Deceived by my own thoughts

I have been deceived by my own thoughts.  My reason for saying this is that my eyes have been opened because of what I’ve been reading in the news since I’ve taken more of an interested in American politics. I was deceived by my own thoughts in my thinking that the American people were smart.  But after a couple of years of keeping up with all the news from the USA, I must admit that I was wrong in my way of thinking.

Here are my reasons for coming to this realization.

1. In America, you have elected a leader that very little of any real value was known about when he was elected, except that he was a senator.  As a senator he often didn't even vote on issues that came before the Senate.

2.  The president's education details can’t be checked as his files on that are sealed. Then there was unresolved trouble about his birth certificate and doubts as to its legality.

3.  The president has shown by his conduct that he knows nothing about leading a country.  Yet his support, while down, remains much higher among the public than it should be. Is that smart?

4. The president has proven himself to be unable to tell the truth on numerous occasions. But the 'smart' American people continue to let him get away with it.

5. The president has been getting other people to lie for him as well.  As seasoned political people they willingly do so, even though may of their decisions to do so have helped weaken their country.  Not smart.

6  The president has at times refused to abide by the Constitution to satisfy his own objectives. This should be  show-stopper for the American people.  The last time I checked, he's still emperor. Giving away your liberty is not smart.

7.  The volume of scandals at the White House stubbornly remains ignored by the uninformed masses.

8. The president has a history of  using diplomacy as a reason for not going after terrorists or rogue nations like Syria.  Americans willingly let their national security be undermined by the president.  That is just plain dumb.

9.  Propping up the economy don’t seem too much of a big concern for this president.  Yet Americans re-elected him in 2012.  Why?

10.  The president has come out with laws or proposals of his choosing (e.g. Obamacare, new taxes) that seem to be going against the propping up of the economy and causing a bigger hassle for the citizens.

11.  The entire administration doesn’t seem to have any experience in managing anything. Yet Americans seem to be even more down on Congress who keep trying to clean up the president's messes.  Not smart.

I would say to you people take a look around you, get busy and pay more attention to what is going on in your country.  Find out how many businesses are sending out work to other countries where the labor is cheaper so the rich will get richer and provide less jobs for the citizens of the nation.  The president has done nothing of substance in this regard, and the people of America are alarmingly ignorant about it.

12.  With what businesses have to pay for Obamacare, plus recently the attempt at boosting the minimum wage, all of this doesn’t show any interest in boosting the economy but dragging it down, business by business. In other words bankrupting the nation.

A good investigation should be done on anyone running to be elected as president from now on.  Americans need help apparently.  They don't seem to be smart enough to figure these things out for themselves.  I used to think they were that smart.  No longer.

Those are my opinions.

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