Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another American School

While reading Fox News last night I happened to see this article about a family suing a Connecticut school and some staff members for allegedly indoctrinating their three daughters into a religious cult. According to the parents, this cult promotes martyrdom and celebrates death. Apparently the indoctrination continued by the teachers when two of the girls went to Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

According to the parents the girls became secretive and have lost their sense of humor and empathy and are speaking a bizarre language. I have written quite a bit as to what goes on in these schools in the USA. With everything that I have read and written about what that goes on in these supposedly educational institutions, I find it hard to believe that many kids come out of them with a good education.

Who is responsible for the curriculum in these institutions? Kids being told how to dress, parents being told what to feed their kids, and if a kid wears a T-shirt the picture that it has had better be approved by the teacher or the kid is in trouble. Schools are telling the kids when to get a haircut and in one instance kids got in trouble for apparently shooting a bb gun at home - not even on school grounds.  In another case, a young girl of thirteen years old was told to get a breast reduction to stop other students from bullying her. In yet another case, a kid that couldn’t talk and was using sign language got in trouble because the sign that he made looked like a gun.   He was told to change his name and not too long ago I wrote about a school teaching inappropriate sex to children. 

There is a lot more that I could write about what goes on in these educational institutions but I think I have found enough examples over the last couple of years to convince readers that something is clearly wrong with the schools in America.

That’s my rant of the day.

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