Monday, May 26, 2014

A bunch of chickens.

While reading the news on different sites like I always do, I came across an article (sorry, I lost the link) that had, I would say, a thousand comments about Obama that weren’t too nice. One comment that I came across was one where the person claimed that impeaching Obama would bring on cries of racism. No doubt from what I’ve been reading, it seems that if a person is anything other than white there would be cries of racism.  This word seems to be rampant these days as an excuse for lack of something actually meaningful to say.

If Obama were to be impeached and someone would start saying this is racism, I would say that the person saying that would be un-American.  Those cries would be from someone that is not aware of how his/her country is being taken apart by a man who has every intention of destroying the nation. His actions and lies and scandals prove that’s what he is doing.And if you are unaware of what is going on in your country, and you are willing to just shout racism, you are not doing your country justice as a citizen.  That, is un-American.

This president might be an American citizen, but that’s as far as it goes. I will say that he’s not an American in his heart.  If he was, he would show it by using action instead of talk and do something to go after the terrorists and enemies of the nation. I believe this man is in it for himself and no one else. I believe that if things really got too hot for him that he would consider martial law. 

One question sticks in my mind and I can’t forget it. Why would a nation like the USA want to order guillotines? I wrote about that a while back and it`s still not clear to me.  And what about those FEMA camps that have finally come up in the news lately? Why were there guards, guarding these camps before picking up homeless people and locking them up? This was reported recently on the Fox News website. Are they going to be turned into concentration camps? I may sound paranoid but this is frightening stuff that is happening.  In my opinion I would not trust the Obama administration for anything. I believe if by the next two elections (2014 and 2016) there is no change in the party dominating government, what is known now as the USA will be known as a power that used to be.

I really hope that I’m wrong in my opinions but from what I can see and read in the news it doesn’t look to good. 

Oh, and why did I call this post a bunch of chickens?  Because if Americans don't do anything about what is happening to their country, and do it in the next two elections, then they are a bunch of chickens (either afraid like chickens or just as dumb as chickens).  They will end up with a country they deserve for being a bunch of chickens.

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