Sunday, May 18, 2014

I hate myself

Yes, I hate myself. I hate myself for getting interested in American politics. Before every once in a while I would check the news to see what was happening in the USA and around the world. Now, all I read about is all of the scandals and lies and cover ups and the protection of a supposed-to-be-leader of the USA. That protection comes not only from some chicken minions that are scared to go against his wishes, but also a lot of the media who are not reporting any bad news that includes Obama. In fact, it seems that they always find some other thing to report on that doesn’t include the king.

I am just wondering if most of them are secretly Democrats, or are they scared that no interviews would be available to them if they were reporting anything that would disgrace this supposed-to-be-leader. This protection comes even though he is destroying the country bit by bit and by making more enemies for the country. What about the people that were elected to speak up for the citizens - where are they? Have they all become liberal Democrats (Republicans included)? The way things are now, it seems that everyone has become liberal Democrats. Why is no one doing anything to stop this president? Or are the Republicans trying and they are just too inept to succeed? In my opinion from keeping up on what is going on in the USA, I would say the Obama administration is the most corrupted that I’ve read about so far. True, I read less in the past but the type of things that are going on now, would have been front page news every day if a Republican were president - especially George Bush.

What about the Iranian ships that are allowed to come into the American waters? Where are they now? This was big news at one point, now - it's hard to say what happened to them. If Iran had backed down, you know the media would be trumpeting Obama's success right now. Shouldn’t the current status be reported on? A nation like Iran that would like to destroy the USA is coming to the shores of the USA and no reporting. What's up with that? It seems that is not worth reporting as to how close they are getting.
I am not the brightest person in the world and not one with the highest level of education but I know enough to know what is going on and what is going to happen to the nation of the USA if there is no change in the White House soon. I am not an American, but more of a concerned bystander that keeps on reading what is going on and what I can deduce is that you Americans are being sold out.
Those are my reasons for hating myself for becoming interested in what is going on in the United States.

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