Monday, May 19, 2014

Stupid Statements by Stupid People

Smoking, that is.
Some stupid statements by stupid people need to be called out. In this case, I`m going on again about e-cigarettes. Let me remind you that the vapor of these cigarettes is water vapor. Now some are claiming that e-cigarettes give the sensation of burning in the eyes, they cause trouble swallowing, they cause taste buds to turn black, and cause tongue swelling, among other problems to users of e-cigarettes. What I’m going to describe next is what I have tried on myself that proves these are stupid statements by stupid people.

First, I got my son (who also uses e-cigarettes) to blow vapor at my eyes from 6 inches away. The vapor went into my eyes and I felt no burning. Then we tried again from about 2 feet away. At that distance the vapor had evaporated before it even got to me. Yet from what I read on Fox News the other day, this woman said that smoke came from an e-cigarette at the next table to theirs at a restaurant. I think her imagination was working overtime because it’s not smoke but vapor and having this vapor coming all the way to her table, well that’s just bull.

There is one thing that I have discovered recently about e-cigarettes. In the mix of nicotine there is some kind of oil and there is also what they call Propylene glycol which has been approved in the USA by FDA for use in food. If it's approved by the FDA it has to be safe in e-cigarettes because some of that stuff is also in some food that we buy. Some people are allergic to that stuff and that’s why when my son tried the e-cigarettes he had to stop. When the salesman came over, my son told him that he could not smoke them because it was making him nauseated and giving him headaches. After the salesman went away and came back the next day with the mix of nicotine excluding the Propylene glycol and my son has been smoking it ever since without bad side effects.

I have been using these e-cigarettes since December of last year and my lungs, kidneys and oxygen intake have improved 100%. There is no more stopping to catch my breath every 10 steps. Now I can walk to the store and come back without any problems and I can move just as quickly as before without running out of breath and my heart has stabilize to normal.

I will grant you that I don’t trust these cheaply made e-cigarettes. I use the EVOD ones and there is no amount of vapor that could build up in them that would harm a person. They are made of solid material. I would recommend this to anyone that would like to try to stop smoking but has no will power. I have not had the urge to have a rotten tobacco cigarette since January of this year. Now I am down to almost no nicotine in my e-cigarettes (I am weaning the nicotine out of the vapor I intake) and after 66 years of smoking, I’m making it with no problems or urge to go back to the garbage of tobacco cigarettes with the rotten chemicals in them to make them more addictive.

That’s yet another rant on e-cigarettes just to let people know what can affect them and to call out stupid statements made by stupid people who don`t understand what they are complaining about. Have a good vapor day. And good luck if you try them.

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