Monday, February 29, 2016

If the USA were ever invaded, blame Canada

I have to agree with many of the commenters that you will find on this Newsmax story which addresses Canada and our foolish refugee policies.

This prime minister that we have now can’t make some of us believe that every refugee that he lets in can be checked for security in the time given for allowing all of them in. I’ve been saying all along that he hasn’t been in politics long enough to manage the country and yet he was elected by stupid people that voted for him.

Both Trudeau from Canada and Obama from the USA should be fired as managers of each country. I believe Obama is doing it on purpose but this guy we have in Canada is masking mistakes about refugees, and other things just because of lack of knowledge. If ever we are invaded by ISIL we are sitting ducks. The way I see it the amount of voters he could get by allowing in more refugees was more important to him than the security of the country.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Santos Bonacci

I was watching some videos  this morning and I came across this guy.  Apparently he's somewhat famous but the stuff he says is a little confusing.  If you've heard of him or his commentary, please comment and let me know what you think.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Handy info to the enemies

On opening this site this morning here is what I read.
GAO Report: US Unable to Block Missiles from Iran, North Korea.

The Defense Department agency charged with protecting the United States from ballistic missile attacks from Iran and North Korea cannot fully do so, despite spending billions of dollars on building a missile defense system that has not been fully completed or tested, according to a government report...
I’m just wondering if the USA wants to defend themselves against their enemies. The reason I’m saying this is because of how many times that I saw how much the enemies of the USA have been able to read what the USA can do or what it can’t do. This is another instance of the enemies being told about the US problems. This brings to mind about not putting any boots on the ground to go after the ISIS group. Do you remember Obama telling Assad about how they could be attacked with the ships that were around them and what would be used against them? He also mentioned how many troops would be brought home from certain countries and when and also how many would be left there.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Politicians and smoking (part 2)

I tried those e-cigarettes for 8 months and I soon found out that I couldn’t take in as much oxygen in my lungs as I used to be able to do. I was vaporizing with the flavoring of tobacco or rum or watermelon and I was coughing just as much as with cigarettes. I finally decided to give it up and went back to regular cigarettes and a couple of days later my lungs seemed to have gone back to the usual intake of oxygen. I must say at the time I didn’t know about this garbage of Diacetyl.

I write two blogs and when I quit vaporizing, I told my editor why I had quit and this even was before I read what this chemical was doing to my lungs. I must state also I find it hard to believe just the nicotine without all this other garbage that is added by the big tobacco companies would be safe to inhale considering that nicotine alone is a pesticide its poison.

Nicotine for e-cigarettes is mixed with water and vegetable oil. Is that vegetable oil or is it some mix of other garbage and they call it vegetable oil? When that mix is boiled and vaporize is it safe to suck it in to your lungs? These days so much is done with the food we eat and drink we never know what kind of garbage we are ingesting.

I don't think the politicians have any of this figured out but they are so ready to tell us what we should be doing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Politicians and smoking (part 1).

I was listening to the radio the other morning and there was some whining about what the government should do to discourage people from smoking. Some idiots even said that there should be more taxes on cigarettes and some were saying the sale of tobacco should be illegal.

Why don’t these people mind their own business? Even some politicians are making it more attractive to smoke just like our dear prime minister wanting to legalize smoking pot. As if he didn’t know that smoking pot is also smoking tobacco at the same time. The pot is mixed with tobacco. In my time I have seen enough of those druggies rolling joints and adding tobacco to know that. Now I read on the internet about some doctors claiming that smoking or vaporizing whatever you want to call it is safer then smoking cigarettes. A couple of months later I read that if you use e-cigarettes flavored there is a chemical used for flavoring that makes your lungs act like popcorn. Apparently this chemical is called Diacetyl.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I wonder.

I wonder what the allies of the USA think of everyone vying for the presidency of the USA, accusing each other of this and that. I don’t think that kind of conduct would induce too much confidence in whomever ends up being elected president. Given the way each one is accusing the other, it seems that whoever gets elected would not be likely to take responsibility for his or her actions. Rather, they would blame it on someone else like what is being done now by Obama. According to the polls, there is just one that could qualify for the job and that one has proven that he can’t take criticism and takes a tantrum just like a kid.

What kind of conduct could be expected by that kind of person when meeting with different leaders of the world? If for some reason he thinks that he is being criticized by the person he is dealing with, how will he react? Would any deal that he would be trying to make be jeopardized by his replies? Probably. Therefore he would be guilty of missing a deal that could have been made by keeping calm and keeping his mouth shut.

Would that type of president be a president for peace or for war? I will answer that one myself: that would be someone to start a war very quickly. Then he would blame it on someone else because of being too egotistic to accept blame himself.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Some people might find this post to have a weird title. I think that once you have read this, you'll see that the title of this rant is right on for what I want to say.

I believe that around Ottawa a lot of people used to listen to the Lowell Green show. On his program used to call it the insanity world. I would say that he was right in calling it what it was, until he opened his mouth and started to speak. I guess he never realized that he’s the one that used to wake up this 'insanity world' as soon as he started to speak.

I hated that man because he was very sarcastic. But I used to leave my radio on every morning to make sure that I didn’t miss that talk show. Even though he was that type of a person, I never wanted to miss listening to his show. I hated that man but at the same time I used to listen because he seemed to always be up to date on everything that went on. That was true whether it was politics or some other topic. He always had an answer for everything and his answers couldn’t be disputed as he always had the proof to back himself up and he did it with a voice of finality.

I thought of him as being sarcastic when a caller would call the show and try to BS some point. That’s where the sarcastic side of Lowell Green would appear (that is if the caller would try and argue about what he had stated in the first place). When proven wrong by Lowell then the caller would argue (or try to argue) and that’s where Lowell would tell the caller off and hang up on the caller. At times you could tell that Lowell would have wished that he could have told the caller what he really wanted to say but being on the radio he had to swallow what he really wanted to tell the caller. I thought of him of being a sarcastic person but at times he had good reasons to be. I think he was so good at being sarcastic I would say that was his second nature. Now he has left the show and retired. I know he will be missed by a lot of people.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


These are the type of people that believe in Sharia Law. To me it represents permission to kill innocent kids as if they were adults.

If you open the link, the killing of 200 kids which is shown.

Christians, Muslims and the Bile (part 2)

Now here are a couple of examples why they should have waited until more detail was found in the old days. The Scripture of the Testament was written twice and the second one there is more about Jesus than the first writing of this Scripture. On another post I wrote about this book that I had found that was studied in the Catholic schools in Quebec. This book apparently claims God sent an Angel down to earth to tell this person to go and tell his King to attack a certain city because they were praying to false idols. Yet in one of the 10 commandments it states that thou shalt not kill. Now what are we to believe? That the king would send his soldiers to attack those cities with hugs and kisses?

Now those Muslims are dedicated to their Qur’an as some of us are to our Bibles. Only the radicals play judge and jury by killing and torturing people are not worthy of the same respect as others. For the rest of us, we are all reading different versions of what happened and we should keep that in mind.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Christians, Muslims and the Bible (part 1)

Some people seem to forget that Muslims are people just like we are and they should be treated as such. I am excluding the radicals as they are not Muslims but killers and torturers and poor excuses for humans. Now we all believe that there was only one Creator and that creator we call God. What we have now with so many different religions, or I should say cults instead of religions, has come about as a result of confusion. When all those religious books were written too early on in human history and not enough was known or properly documented to really tell us the truth of what or what went on in the olden days. Did those books actualy record what happened properly? We don't really know.

Now there was only one Creator and he was supposed to be a good God. In some religious books like the Bible and other religious books, they mostly don’t agree on a lot of things. The differences can be seen even from the King James Bible and other versions of the Bible. There are differences in what was written.

God is supposed to be a good God. But at the same time if you read the some versions of the Bible they make Him out to be a torturer by burning people for eternity and apparently not only are they burning forever but being tortured at the same time. Yes I do believe that when people die they should be sinless by asking God for forgiveness if they had time before dying. If not they should have lived according to the 10 commandments that were given to Moses by God.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hands on the rudder

Not too long ago I wrote a post in reference as to who was manning the rudder of the USA because I referred this nation as a ship without anyone at the rudder. To this day that ship is still sinking. Well I guess in one way, I spoke to soon. It seems that some people here in Canada decided to vote in a prime minister who doesn’t know what a rudder is for, just like the president of the USA. Now this ship will be sinking just like the one I referred to as the USA.

The big question to me is which one will reach the bottom of the ocean first. Obama as had 7 to 8 years to sink America but it’s not quite at the bottom yet. Meanwhile the prime minister elected in this country, Justin Trudeau, has had a couple of months to 'lead' and has already started to sink this ship.

When his dad was prime minister of this country he give this country away to multiculturalism but he left this world without having a chance to finish the job of destroying Canada. Now his son has put himself in a position to finish what his dad couldn’t do. At least that’s what it looks like. People were saying that this person was too young to manage a country and I kept on saying that it was not his age but that he hadn’t been in politics long enough to learn how to manage a country. I must say it didn’t take him too long to prove that what I said was the truth. Now some people have realized what I meant, but those unbelievers voted him in just the same.

There are other things I could accuse him of but so far there isn’t enough proof to accuse him of it except to say he must be a good friend or partner to Obama.

That is my rant of the day.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The night of the New Hampshire primaries, I was reading about the results. It is clear that both Democrats running for the nomination, want to see Obama's policies continue. What in hell is the matter with those people? Since Obama has been elected the country has been going down, down, down to nothing. And yet they want those policies to continue? Those are the type of people that get elected for the purpose of getting a fat pay check from taxpayers. Are they Americans or just pretending to be? I would like to know are Democrats really that stupid or what? I guess they can’t see what Obama's policies have done to the country.

They all deserve to be let go without a pension until all the money they received as their pay is paid back from the time that Obama was elected president. Here in Canada, we're now in the same shape as who was elected the last election is a man that has not been in politics long enough to manage a country. Since he has been in power, which has only been a couple months, he has already shown his lack of knowledge of how to make serious decisions as a leader of a nation. If he keeps this up it will not be long before the allies will be laughing at us and mistrust us just like what is happening to the USA.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Being stupid

What I see as stupid is that a lot of people are against smoking and the government is pushing to stop people from smoking. But now pot smoking (marijuana) is going to be legal and as everyone knows anyone that rolls a joint the pot is mixed with tobacco. I know this because I have seen a lot of people roll their joints in my time and tobacco is mixed in it. And then when they start smoking this garbage they start coughing their lungs out. Even the smell of it is worse than the nicotine smell.

But the way this world has become, with people being greedy and wanting power we might as well have everyone on pot. Then no one will realize what’s happening to them. I guess eventually the government will not have to worry about how they manage this country as most everyone won’t realize what is happening since their brains will be so screwed up and the hospitals will be full of druggies getting treatment for their lungs and whatever else can be developed by smoking this garbage.

Now this minority will become the majority like every other minority has become. I can console myself by just thinking that I will be out of this rotten world soon. But I feel sorry for the future generation that will have to live in this world full of druggies that would be out of their damn minds. Now its pot and later it will be cocaine and so on. I guess this would depend on how much money the government will rake in because of the pot that will be bought or how much will be forfeited from the pot growers and sold for medical purposes. 

That’s my rant of the day.

Monday, February 15, 2016


Suicide is one thing I can’t understand why some people would want to do. I realize that this is a really tough world that we live in and at the rate that it’s changing it will get worse. I also realize that someone with a weak mind would not want to live in what this world has become. And I also realize they may have gotten themselves into some trouble either by their own fault or not. Some people will not turn to anyone for help to solve whatever trouble that they got into, so they decide that suicide is the answer.

Well, according to the Bible, if you think that by committing suicide it is going to solve your problem, you had better forget it. According to the Bible you will suffer for your decision for eternity in the afterlife. According to one of the commandments given to Moses by God, it states “Ye shalt not commit murder”. By committing suicide, you are committing murder by killing yourself. The church of God preaches that if you commit murder your soul would be incinerated and never exist again and that is referred to as your second death. So to me that kind of statement means that you are reborn again and I don’t mean in religion but as another human. If you live your life as the 10 commandments say, there is a good chance of getting into Heaven by having those commandments as your guide all your life.

Instead of thinking of suicide, why not take a peek in a Bible and see what they say about suicide? I can guarantee that by reading the Bible you will not get hurt. The only thing that can happen is a person can learn how to live properly and prepare for the afterlife and be entered in the Book of Life apparently that God has for when Judgement Day comes.

Friday, February 12, 2016


It's not too often that I go and visit people. The other day it was nice out so decided to go and visit a friend of mine. When I got there and rang the doorbell my friend answered and opened the door and invited me in. We went into the kitchen and his wife got up from the table and offered me a coffee. That’s when I noticed that her eyes were red and her nose was runny. I then asked her if she had a cold and she answered “I don’t know what I have, I’m always getting something if it’s not a cold then its’ something else. The only time I go out is to do groceries and that’s it.”

I then asked her "do you wash your hands when you come back from the store?" She said no because she didn’t touch anything dirty. She got a surprise when I told her that she had touched something dirty but that she didn’t realize it. I explained first of all you opened the door to go in the store. Then you pay for whatever you had bought, using money. Then you get change from the person at the cash. Then you come home and you don’t wash your hands and your hands are full of germs because you had to open the door to enter the store then you paid the cashier and you got change back.

Then she said "So?" I asked her how many people went in that store before you did and how many of them had clean hands before touching that door. How many people had handled the change that the cashier had given you? Plus maybe you touched stuff on the shelves that other people touched or coughed on maybe. Now do you think you came home with clean hands? So now you come home and you don’t wash your hands. How many germs do you think you could have picked up from opening that door plus getting the change from the cashier? Also how many people had handle that change before the store got it? Then you had to open that door again to go out. Now don’t wonder where you get those germs. My advice to you would be when you go out shopping wash your hands when you come in.

She told me that she hadn’t realize that. And she was happy that I had told her that.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Whom to believe?

I wrote a post recently about the Pope talking about a 'one world religion' coming. To my concern there shouldn’t be any religion whatsoever. But I do believe that preaching the Gospel would be ideal. That is, so long as whomever would be preaching it would not preach it as a riddle and/or invent things to scare people into having more faith. That's being done now by some preachers or by someone else trying to make you believe that they know what they are talking about. Actually they don’t have a clue or they do not believe in what they are saying.

I would say to save you from the wrath of God all you have to do is believe in Him (the Creator of all things that are not man made) and His Son, Jesus who was tortured and crucified and died on the cross that whosoever would believe in him shall have eternal life. Also live according to God's 10 Commandments that were given to Moses. Live by them. Faith in God and his Son Jesus and living according to the 10 Commandments, a person cannot go wrong. As for confessing your sins, you don’t have to go to another human to confess your sins because if God can hear your prayers then He can hear you acknowledging your sins to Him. If anyone sees you as talking to yourself (actually to God) they will think that there is something wrong with you. But they don’t know that you don’t want to face the Wrath of God when the time comes for you to be judged.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Honor killings.

This morning I read this site. The first thing I read about was this woman who was killed because she was raped by a bunch of men. For that she was killed and they call this an honor killing. I don’t mind saying this - people who think like that are sick in the damn head. I don’t care who gets offended by what I just said. The woman was raped and yet she gets killed for it. The ones that should have gotten killed are those cowards that raped her and also the person(s) who killed the woman. They are all a bunch of sick bastards.

That’s all I will say on this subject. You can open the link above and read this kind of garbage for yourselves.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Huffington Post

I've got another short post for you today. Actually, it's a question for my readers. Can you please tell me what kind of newspaper the Huffington Post is?

I opened this site up last night and went all through the posts and I can’t see anything that would represent a newspaper as everything seems to be written as headlines. It more or less gives a hint of what the news or stories should be about but that’s it.

Everything appears to be written as a hit and run. I've been told it's a liberal site, and I'm not really for liberals like Obama or Trudeau, but I can't tell about the Huffington Post based on subject lines or headlines only. Maybe I'm old and missing something. Anyway, their set-up makes no sense to me. So if you can explain it to me, I'd appreciate it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Presidential Hopefuls

I was reading Newsmax the other day and I saw pictures of two people that are hopefuls in the presidential race. Well I for one I wouldn’t trust any one of them. The first one, her looks seem to say "Are you suggesting that to me, The Queen?" The other one one looks like he’s ready to blow a fuse by the color of his face. At the same time he also seems to be saying "You can’t say no to me because I’m the king."

I bet you can guess which two candidates I'm talking about. I don't think it's a good idea for either one of them to be president.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I checked the Angus Reid polling this morning and they were asking the people if Prime Minister Trudeau was doing a good job. Only 28% said "Yes" while 64% said "No" and 13% said "lets wait and see". I have to wonder about those stupid people that said yes. I guess they don't know their nose from their behinds either.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

One world religion

I know this seems alarmist, but what if it's correct? Then what? And what if it's completely wrong? While surfing the internet this morning I opened this site

Now if you do decide to open the link, I will tell you it’s a long read but you have to read everything even the comments to find out why a lot of people have given up on their faith. I will say some of it is unbelievable. But if something gets read then it becomes believable to some people. The link includes a video of Pope Francis as you go through it. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

One match.

We all know it just takes one tree to make thousands and thousands of matchsticks but that one lit match which is tiny, can destroy thousands of trees. While thinking of this, I considered that a human can become a match stick and destroy a whole nation as if the citizens were trees. That match to my concern, is called president Obama. Since he has been elected the USA has fallen into such disarray that there don’t seem to be any laws anymore. If there is something in the Constitution that he doesn’t agree with he will use an Executive Order to go around it and his ass-kissers will go along with whatever it is that he wants. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in the government to represent the people.

I read every bit of news that I can, and I also read most of the comments sections on the different things I read. Most of the comments that I read about what Obama does or says don’t seem to impress too many people. They have been calling him everything that they can think. That doesn’t reflect anything good on his reputation but yet in some polls that I saw recently, he is still popular. Why? I can’t see any reason for that because he is destroying the country as anyone can see if they look it it outside of the hero-worship or the liberal partisan viewpoint.

I know I shouldn’t really criticize what is going on the USA considering what the people have elected here in Canada in our last federal election a couple of months ago. But I’m sure we will be joining the USA going down the tubes. This means bankruptcy and our dollar becominge of no value. We did as you people in the USA did. We elected someone that hasn’t been in politics long enough to know how to manage a country. Hehas already proven he doesn't have enough experience and he made promises just like Obama did but found out that he couldn’t keep them once elected.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Unbelievable. [Warning: Graphic content]

I need to repeat that - this is graphic content, involving animal cruelty.

While surfing the internet to read the news from all over the world I opened this site and I simply couldn’t believe the video that was showing about how cruel some sadistic people could be to animals. The people responsible for this kind of cruelty should be made to suffer the same circumstances. These are rotten sadistic people.

Show this to Democrats in the USA and they might think twice about how downtrodden and deserving of support against Israel these people in Gaza are. They are monsters. 

The Australians will probably think twice about sending cattle there now.

That is my short rant of the day as the video shown on that site discouraged me from reading anymore news for today.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You are all in deep, deep trouble

Wrath of God type stuff.
Well my friends I will say that you people are in very deep trouble. Now don’t get me wrong for saying this because I am not a Bible-thumper. But I believe you are being punished by God for having so many of you refusing to believe that He is the one true God and the creator of all planets oceans and the father of all of us humans.

There is so much disbelief in Him. It's hard to believe from a nation that used to fear him. By nation I mean America, even though the problem is more widespread than just one nation. However the USA is my focus for the purpose of this post/rant. Even to this day in some schools prayers are not allowed, students are forbidden to bring anything into the schools that would even give a hint of God. I would go so far as to say that Obama was sent by God as punishment for most of you people refusing to believe in Him. I know to the unbelievers some will say that I’m out of my mind for thinking of that.

Okay, you can say or think what you want, but I would like to ask you this: Has the nation ever been laughed at as much as it is today? Has the nation been regarded so much as a paper tiger as it is today? Are today's enemies' fear of American strength as much as it used to be? If not, why not?

My answer is because you have a president that is following his agenda of destroying the nation. Why were the police given military equipment? Why the push to confiscate guns? Why were some high ranking generals in the military fired? Why is the border at the south left open? Why are the words "racial discrimination" and "bigot" so prevalent? I could explain what this all means to me but I if you read my blog you already know what I think. So I will not because anyone with a brain can figure it out.

That is my rant of the day. I hope that everyone that has read my blogs has a good day, despite the doom and gloom.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Time left.

At the age I am now (I'll be 81 in a couple of weeks), I figure I’ve been in this world too long. I think that especially how this world has turned out to be. The world is full of people steeped in political correctness, money hunger, power hunger, inconsiderate of other peoples’ feelings, hypocrites, back-stabbers, thieves and murderers, and con men. You name it and this world has it. Plus what do we have some religions next to the major ones that were created long ago. These new religions were not meant to exist and we call them cults for a reason. But just the same those extra religions (or cults) would want to make you believe that there is more than one God and each have their way of praying to their god.

Now according to a book that I read recently, Jesus was the founder of the Catholic religion. But since its’ founding so many priest have misinterpreted the meaning of some passages, and told so many lies about it (including praying to the Virgin Mary for example) that people are mixed up about what God really wants. If you pray to Virgin Mary and you’re using a rosary then you are sinning as a rosary has I believe 36 Hail Marys to it. Now to many people, the Catholic religion has become a cult. I really don’t think that Jesus meant it to become that but like I said all the lies and misinterpretation has more or less turned it to what a lot of people think of it as a cult now.

Monday, February 1, 2016

What to do.

I must say, you people in the USA will have a really hard time with who will be left to vote in as president. Of course things could change by the time the election comes but as it is now, I can only see Hillary and Trump emerging as the candidates. Trump seems to be an honest person and speaks his mind but I also find him kind of egotistic person like Obama. He will not accept other people's ideas and can’t seem to be able to take criticism. That doesn’t make for a good president. Clinton from what I’ve read and seen, she will only be an extension of Obama's policies and that would be the end of the USA.

So good luck with that.
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