Monday, March 30, 2015

A self-appointed King

After this self-appointed king of the USA had been elected, I got interested in keeping up with more of the news in the USA politically. It was just to see what his outlook and ways to govern a country like the USA. Now after years of watching, all I can say is that this self-appointed King is a big dud. I can grant you that he’s such a good speaker that he could convince most people to believe that 2+2=5. My proof of that is the fact that the people that elected him as president. Twice.

His party is called Democrats. But after seeing how he has governed like he was a king, answering to no one, he should rename his party the liberal-socialist party of America. Here in Canada some parties also hide what they are. They called themselves Liberals but forgot to add socialist to their party name because they espouse socialism in so many things. The party called NDP also should be called the NDP-Socialist Party of Canada. They are more openly socialist in their policies, but they hide what they are in their name - the New Democrat Party. Socialism is not democracy.

NDP are all for unions, and wage parity. The Liberals all for emptying the wallets of citizens. Conservatives I haven’t made my mind up on yet. All I can say from what I’ve already stated is that all these groups are not too keen on free speech and freedom of the citizens.

Meanwhile in the USA the self-appointed King of the USA is also not too keen on the Constitution either because it seems that some of the things that are in the Constitution interfere with his making of his own laws. Luckily he has a telephone a pen to help him out. I think this man would be at a loss without the telephone and pen.

That's my rant for today.

Have a good day

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Liberal party Part 2

I have been watching and reading what is going on in the USA and I believe that should he become Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will behave just like the supposed-to-be-leader in the USA. This nation has never been better off since Harper was elected. But we can expect more of Prime Minister Harper's statements to be twisted because that’s all that the Liberals are good for - twisting the truth to win votes. They will say anything to get elected (as politicians always do) and when they do get elected they forget all the promises that they made while running for election. All this party can do is find some ways to raise taxes or come out with new taxes.

And I say we have laws here, and anyone that doesn’t want to follow our laws then they are not welcome. I guess Liberals feel differently about that. Anyone who immigrates to this country but doesn’t like our laws, they can go back to wherever they come from as far as I'm concerned. This is not being a racist because laws are laws. And we chose our laws.

I hope people vote with knowledge and not by how a person represent himself or how he looks because whatever the Prime Minister does affects not only the country but each one of us individually.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Liberal party ( Justin Trudeau ) Part 1

Those of us in the the older generations remember the now deceased  former Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau and what he did to this country while he was prime minister. He brought in Multiculturalism and also changed some laws to make foreigners more welcome in this country.  I have nothing against people wanting to come to Canada.  But Pierre Trudeau gave this country away to immigrants. Canada is supposed to be Canada, not New Italy or New Syria.  But by allowing people to keep their old culture rather than adapt to what Canada is, that's what I mean by giving the country away.  Canada isn't Canada anymore.  It's a bunch of clusters of individual cultures from elsewhere with only some of Canada left.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is an ice age around the corner?

What a bunch of sick puppies. Because of a lie or more accurately a new way to make money, billions and billions of taxpayers dollars are being spent on phony global warming. They now call it climate change because it seems easier to sell to gullible people. The climate is always changing - that's normal, it's supposed to change.

Do you think ice ages thousands of years ago were caused by humans? What about periods warmer than today that happened millennia ago?

Now considering all the snow and the cold days we had this winter, especially in the USA, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing they will start saying is that the ice age is just around the corner and will be coming from the North Pole because the ice at the North Pole is expanding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumor of global warming started by liberals (better known as Democrats) will turn their lie to global freezing. They will say it is just around the corner because of all the pollution that is in the air which is starting to block the heat emitted by the sun. And if this doesn’t seemed to be believed they will go back to climate change. They might even resort to a claim that the Earth is pulling further away from the sun. Then the government will jump all over that to have more revenue from the taxes that will scammed from the taxpayers to combat this global ice age.

This rant might sound stupid but a scam like global warming was just as stupid as this rant is and that’s why I wrote it.

Monday, March 9, 2015

America is a big mess (Part 2)

I said so before and I will say it again: I believe that Islam is a religion of peace but in order for it to be a religion of peace the radicals would have to be eliminated and only then will it truly be a religion of peace. Just giving them a slap on the wrist like they're getting now will never bring them into this century. I will say at this time the USA doesn’t have a leader that has the guts to do what is needed to deal with this situation. Or he might think that trying to make friends with them will bring them into this century. He stated on a video that his fate is the Muslim fate. That is fine but to see what the radicals are doing butchering people and defacing and burning churches, he must realize that it’s wrong but yet nothing seems to get done about it.

I will also say that by conning the people into electing him, he has put himself in a bad spot because he doesn’t have a place to go to where he would be safe from being murdered either by a radical or by one of the citizens. John F. Kennedy was a lot better of a leader then the present leader and what happened to him? At least with G.W. Bush the radicals knew that they would be hunted down they knew that and they didn’t have to read it from the newspapers like they can do now. With this present leader they don’t know what he’s going to do for sure. Maybe he’s going to be on their side or do a complete turn around and go after them full blast. It seems like even he himself doesn't know what to do next because he is not up to the task of leadership. He has no plan, no sense.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

America is a big mess (Part 1)

Every day I go to many different Internet sites to read about what is going on in America. I find that everything that I read indicates that the USA is going down tubes. I know a person can’t believe what some of those sites report on because a lot of it is written to promote themselves and attract readers and they don’t care if it’s the truth or not. So they often make matters seem worse then what they really are. But some of it can be legitimate and after verifying with multiple sites you can see where there is truth in some stories. Also another thing that helps is when a video is shown on a report and the person that reports it is the main speaker in the video. There's video evidence then. I should say that one specific person that I see on a video that babbles I will never believe. I don’t have to name that certain person because most people would know to whom I am referring.

All that said, I have noticed for the past couple of years that Radical Islamists have been getting away with most everything that they do and to some people it seems that just trying to talk to them will change their minds. No, those people will not change their mind because they were brought up to think the way they do and most of them have been brainwashed from day one. That’s why I say talking to them will not bring them into this century. They will always try to go back to the dark ages. Trying to make friends with that kind of people is futile. Now I’m talking specifically about the radicals that use God as an excuse to kill and butcher Christians and burn churches. We all know that is to put fear into people to believe in what they believe and convert to Islam.

This is a big part of the reason the US is a big mess. They have the same problem dealing with foreign issues that they do with domestic issues - misguided leadership, unclear ideas, and bad decision-making.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Canadian voters are stupid too

I don’t think I should just blast the Americans for not knowing what is going on in their country because some of us Canadians are just as bad. Liberals have been elected in Ontario,how many times now despite all the scandal and trouble? I’m really worried about the next federal election here in Canada. I have a rotten feeling that the federal Liberals and Justin Trudeau will be the next party in power and Prime Minister. He might win simply because of his looks and who his dad was. He might be elected especially by the younger generation because they will not know the damage that his dad did to this country with his multiculturalism.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Garbage food, garbage smokes

Garbage and more garbage. What I call garbage are GMO foods, tobacco and electronic cigarettes. There is so much garbage that is included in the foods that we ingest. The reasons given are that it makes some foods tastier, it makes foods look more appetizing and it brings in the money. Then the genetically altered foods (GMO) are just frightening - like Frankenstein food. Last but not least there are these Electronic cigarettes. My Son and I were each given a kit as a Christmas gift and he tried them but was allergic to something that is mixed with the nicotine so he stopped using them. I used them for 9 months without using the regular tobacco cigarettes.

True my breathing got better, but the urged to smoke a real cigarette was always on my mind. I told the sales man about it and he said “that’s because you cut down too fast on the strength of the nicotine”. Then he told me that the nicotine they use in those cigarettes is “Clean without those extra chemicals that the big tobacco company add to it”. That could be true, but the fact remains that nicotine is a poison. So to me nicotine with or without those extra chemicals that the big tobacco companies add to them is still poison. The reason I’m saying this is because I would cough just as much, if not more, when vaporizing (it's what they call it) as smoking a cigarette. I went back to smoking regular cigarettes and coughing less than when I tried vaporizing. I say vaporizing and smoking real tobacco cigarettes are just as bad as one to another. The only thing that is good with vaporizing is that it’s not smoke that comes out and pollutes a place, but vapor which evaporates within a couple of seconds otherwise vaporizing and smoking are both garbage.

That is my rant of the day in what we get in the foods that we ingest and the poison that we inhale in our lungs. Today money talks and not our health.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

American politics (part 2)

The last election the citizens voted for Republicans. I guess they thought they would be better represented by them. So far there has only been talk and talk but it doesn’t seem to bring on any action. The talk about impeachment of this supposed to be leader has quieted down. Did they leave their balls at the door when they were elected? That’s what it looks like to me. By the time this supposed to be leaders term is over any little nation will be able to take over without too many problems. The way Obama has whittled down the military has seen to that. Was that his intention in the first place? Is he working to turn the nation into a third world country? If so, he’s doing a good job at it.

I can only make my comments based on what is reported on the internet and the news videos that I watch, but I also go to different sites to check on the reports on something similar before I can comment, and if they are sort of similar then I comment.

Monday, March 2, 2015

American politics (part 1)

I used to write rants about what people do when walking down the street being oblivious to other people around them. I would say some were really funny and hilarious but there were who some did not appear to be civilized enough to be mixed up with the balance of society. Some I would say, had problems mentally and the things that they would do were laughable but at the same time not funny at all, considering that they were not responsible in a sense because of their sickness. So I decided to get interested in American politics.

I started taking interest in American politics because of all the things that were going on. Getting interested in their politics was the worst thing that as far as I’m concerned. It might have been good at one time and might have been worth continuing if only the citizens hadn’t been conned into voting for a con artist. By the looks of Obama's actions, he has no interest in governing the nation other than to discredit it and to whittle it down to nothing but a defenseless nation. The way this so called leader who is supposed to be a leader of the nation is acting and talking about vetoing a bill before it even gets to his desk, is  the way that a dictator would act.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jews, so much hate

Why is there so much hatred against the Jewish people? According to the Bible, the Jews were Gods chosen people.Is that why they are hated so much by some people? In Israel, they get bombarded with rockets, they get stones thrown at them, and when they defend themselves they are criticized for it. And they even accused of war crimes. I realize that with any kind of armed reprisal by their armed forces, there will be some innocent people killed. But this is especially true when some innocent civilians are used as a shields. There will be civilians injured or killed. What are the Jews supposed to do, just take cover and let the rockets bombard them? What is wrong with some people who think that would be fair?

The radicals responsible for attacking Jews, the same radicals who hide among the population, they can are cowards and they are the ones that should be taken to task for their actions and not the people defending their right to live. I believe that the Jewish people will always be at war with someone as they were in the old Biblical days. They will always be obliged to defend themselves from people who will try to exterminate them. That is too bad for them, and it is unfortunate.

That’s my rant of the day.
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