Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jews, so much hate

Why is there so much hatred against the Jewish people? According to the Bible, the Jews were Gods chosen people.Is that why they are hated so much by some people? In Israel, they get bombarded with rockets, they get stones thrown at them, and when they defend themselves they are criticized for it. And they even accused of war crimes. I realize that with any kind of armed reprisal by their armed forces, there will be some innocent people killed. But this is especially true when some innocent civilians are used as a shields. There will be civilians injured or killed. What are the Jews supposed to do, just take cover and let the rockets bombard them? What is wrong with some people who think that would be fair?

The radicals responsible for attacking Jews, the same radicals who hide among the population, they can are cowards and they are the ones that should be taken to task for their actions and not the people defending their right to live. I believe that the Jewish people will always be at war with someone as they were in the old Biblical days. They will always be obliged to defend themselves from people who will try to exterminate them. That is too bad for them, and it is unfortunate.

That’s my rant of the day.

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