Monday, March 2, 2015

American politics (part 1)

I used to write rants about what people do when walking down the street being oblivious to other people around them. I would say some were really funny and hilarious but there were who some did not appear to be civilized enough to be mixed up with the balance of society. Some I would say, had problems mentally and the things that they would do were laughable but at the same time not funny at all, considering that they were not responsible in a sense because of their sickness. So I decided to get interested in American politics.

I started taking interest in American politics because of all the things that were going on. Getting interested in their politics was the worst thing that as far as I’m concerned. It might have been good at one time and might have been worth continuing if only the citizens hadn’t been conned into voting for a con artist. By the looks of Obama's actions, he has no interest in governing the nation other than to discredit it and to whittle it down to nothing but a defenseless nation. The way this so called leader who is supposed to be a leader of the nation is acting and talking about vetoing a bill before it even gets to his desk, is  the way that a dictator would act.

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