Monday, March 9, 2015

America is a big mess (Part 2)

I said so before and I will say it again: I believe that Islam is a religion of peace but in order for it to be a religion of peace the radicals would have to be eliminated and only then will it truly be a religion of peace. Just giving them a slap on the wrist like they're getting now will never bring them into this century. I will say at this time the USA doesn’t have a leader that has the guts to do what is needed to deal with this situation. Or he might think that trying to make friends with them will bring them into this century. He stated on a video that his fate is the Muslim fate. That is fine but to see what the radicals are doing butchering people and defacing and burning churches, he must realize that it’s wrong but yet nothing seems to get done about it.

I will also say that by conning the people into electing him, he has put himself in a bad spot because he doesn’t have a place to go to where he would be safe from being murdered either by a radical or by one of the citizens. John F. Kennedy was a lot better of a leader then the present leader and what happened to him? At least with G.W. Bush the radicals knew that they would be hunted down they knew that and they didn’t have to read it from the newspapers like they can do now. With this present leader they don’t know what he’s going to do for sure. Maybe he’s going to be on their side or do a complete turn around and go after them full blast. It seems like even he himself doesn't know what to do next because he is not up to the task of leadership. He has no plan, no sense.

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