Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Is an ice age around the corner?

What a bunch of sick puppies. Because of a lie or more accurately a new way to make money, billions and billions of taxpayers dollars are being spent on phony global warming. They now call it climate change because it seems easier to sell to gullible people. The climate is always changing - that's normal, it's supposed to change.

Do you think ice ages thousands of years ago were caused by humans? What about periods warmer than today that happened millennia ago?

Now considering all the snow and the cold days we had this winter, especially in the USA, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing they will start saying is that the ice age is just around the corner and will be coming from the North Pole because the ice at the North Pole is expanding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumor of global warming started by liberals (better known as Democrats) will turn their lie to global freezing. They will say it is just around the corner because of all the pollution that is in the air which is starting to block the heat emitted by the sun. And if this doesn’t seemed to be believed they will go back to climate change. They might even resort to a claim that the Earth is pulling further away from the sun. Then the government will jump all over that to have more revenue from the taxes that will scammed from the taxpayers to combat this global ice age.

This rant might sound stupid but a scam like global warming was just as stupid as this rant is and that’s why I wrote it.

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