Thursday, March 26, 2015

Liberal party Part 2

I have been watching and reading what is going on in the USA and I believe that should he become Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will behave just like the supposed-to-be-leader in the USA. This nation has never been better off since Harper was elected. But we can expect more of Prime Minister Harper's statements to be twisted because that’s all that the Liberals are good for - twisting the truth to win votes. They will say anything to get elected (as politicians always do) and when they do get elected they forget all the promises that they made while running for election. All this party can do is find some ways to raise taxes or come out with new taxes.

And I say we have laws here, and anyone that doesn’t want to follow our laws then they are not welcome. I guess Liberals feel differently about that. Anyone who immigrates to this country but doesn’t like our laws, they can go back to wherever they come from as far as I'm concerned. This is not being a racist because laws are laws. And we chose our laws.

I hope people vote with knowledge and not by how a person represent himself or how he looks because whatever the Prime Minister does affects not only the country but each one of us individually.

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