Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Garbage food, garbage smokes

Garbage and more garbage. What I call garbage are GMO foods, tobacco and electronic cigarettes. There is so much garbage that is included in the foods that we ingest. The reasons given are that it makes some foods tastier, it makes foods look more appetizing and it brings in the money. Then the genetically altered foods (GMO) are just frightening - like Frankenstein food. Last but not least there are these Electronic cigarettes. My Son and I were each given a kit as a Christmas gift and he tried them but was allergic to something that is mixed with the nicotine so he stopped using them. I used them for 9 months without using the regular tobacco cigarettes.

True my breathing got better, but the urged to smoke a real cigarette was always on my mind. I told the sales man about it and he said “that’s because you cut down too fast on the strength of the nicotine”. Then he told me that the nicotine they use in those cigarettes is “Clean without those extra chemicals that the big tobacco company add to it”. That could be true, but the fact remains that nicotine is a poison. So to me nicotine with or without those extra chemicals that the big tobacco companies add to them is still poison. The reason I’m saying this is because I would cough just as much, if not more, when vaporizing (it's what they call it) as smoking a cigarette. I went back to smoking regular cigarettes and coughing less than when I tried vaporizing. I say vaporizing and smoking real tobacco cigarettes are just as bad as one to another. The only thing that is good with vaporizing is that it’s not smoke that comes out and pollutes a place, but vapor which evaporates within a couple of seconds otherwise vaporizing and smoking are both garbage.

That is my rant of the day in what we get in the foods that we ingest and the poison that we inhale in our lungs. Today money talks and not our health.

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