Monday, November 7, 2011

A law that should not exist.

In the USA they have a law that says a  president can only serve two terms. I find this law bizarre if I can use that word. It means when you have a good president that has the country running like it should be and an election comes up after two terms, no matter how good he or she is, out they go. Now you can see what this law can do.

You have a President that is on the edge of starting a third world war by turning his back on friends, by invading another country’s sovereignty, by not trusting the honesty of the officials of that country and the information that brought this on could be false information just to get some action going between friends.

Then he's turning his back on a friendly nation just to appease enemies.  The way I see it and the reports that I’ve read, it indicates that sort of scenario is happening. Like I said before, I never really got interested in America's politics because there is to much going on in that country for me to try and figure it all out. But I keep on reading every day and if I was a citizen of the USA, I would make sure that my vote would not be for the existing president.

I think the best one that you Americans could have had as a president in the next election would have been  Mr. Clinton. Okay, I will admit that while president he was not an angel, but he did his work and to me it doesn’t matter what his conduct was, as long as it didn't affect his work as the president of what once considered the best nation in the world.

Now it keeps on going down hill in everything and seems to have accumulated  more enemies. I might be ranting at the wrong thing except to say that law should be abolished.  If it was, the USA would not be in trouble as it stands. I understand that when a person is elected to be president he is considered to be a green horn, and he’s in trouble before he even starts.  Also don’t forget one thing: a politician will sing a nice song to get what he wants but once elected he forgets that song.

That is my opinion.


  1. The Clinton ruse aside (Gingrich and the Contract with America did all the good work, not Clinton), the reason for the law is to avoid a dictatorship like Hugo Chavez is working on in Venezuela.

    The United States is bigger than any one person, even the president. I like the rule, even when it meant that Ronald Reagan could not run again and the nation got stuck wish Bush (Senior).

  2. You know more about it then I do.

  3. Nevertheless, you still are entitled to an opinion.


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