Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quebec - Here we go again

Everything in French and French only.
Politicians are at work again. This politicians want to rebuild the Bloc Quebecois again.I read this in the French newspaper the other day.

Just what we need - more French sovereignty. More French, more French, more French.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

These politicians here in Quebec are so scared that the French language will some day disappear that they don’t stop to think and ask themselves "Do we have what is necessary to go on our own?"

Well I’m not a politician. I can assure you that this province is not ready to go it alone.

For this province to go it alone they would have to do away with Bill C101. They have to encourage big businesses to open up here.  They have to develop more of the countryside and build more houses and encourage more people to come and live here. This province, being the cheapest to live in. people would move here. As it is, the one big problem that prevents all this from happening is Bill C101. People that are worried about the French language disappearing are worrying needlessly.  It will never happen as long as the English is allowed to be used also. 

When  Bill C101 was introduced a lot of big businesses moved out (small ones too). That bill has aggravated a lot of people - including a lot of the French - because a lot of small businesses had to close due to fewer customers. 

The word French to some English people has become a swear word because of this stupid law.  

There are so many problems with Bill C101 but too many people in Quebec seem unable to see that.  The culture can't survive if the economy doesn't.  If the economy shrinks, so too will the French culture and the French language.  Isolation doesn't lead to survival.  Ask China - they are thriving since they've embraced trade and being part of the world economy.  Think about it.

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