Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blabbering Idiots.

I like to listen to people having a good discussion, especially when there is no lull in the conversation. Suppose two people or more are having a discussion about any subject.  When one is almost finished talking, another one starts. That’s not to bad.  But when one has just stared talking and another one pops in and the two keep on talking at the same time, that raises  my blood pressure. 

When you get more then two people then it becomes a bunch of blabbering idiots. Each one has to say what they have to say and there is no way that they are going to stop.  It doesn't matter if the other ones keep on talking.  It all becomes gibberish to the ones listening.

There's also the ones that if you asked them a question, they start mumbling and keep on going, even if you try to cut in because that person is not giving you an answer to your question.

On the talk shows that I listen to every morning, there's a lot of that.  The only way that some of them can be stopped is for the host to hang up on them. They're just like one of those toys that you wind up and it will not stop until the spring is at its end.

That’s my rant of the day.

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