Saturday, March 29, 2014

Obama's hidden agenda, Russia's unhidden agenda.

I remember not too long ago writing about a video that I had watched. President Obama was talking to Russian president Putin's predecessor (who also happened to be Putin's puppet). Medvedev . The reporters caught this conversation and it could be heard on the video that President Obama was saying “after the next election I will have more flexibility.” I was wondering what was said or asked of the president to bring on this type of answer.

As it turns out it was about missile defense in eastern Europe:
...He was speaking in Seoul, South Korea, in March 2012, almost exactly two years ago, to Dmitry Medvedev, then in his last year as Vladimir Putin's stand-in president of Russia.

The subject was missile defense, and Obama was apparently seeking time to assuage Russia's objections that a proposed U.S. missile defense system, sited in Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain, would not be aimed at Russian missiles.

Earlier, in September 2009, Obama canceled missile defense installations in Poland and the Czech Republic, to which Russia objected. The decision was relayed by telephone, at midnight European time, on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union's attack on Poland pursuant to the Hitler-Stalin pact in 1939. The Polish prime minister refused to take the call.

"I understand your message," Medvedev told Obama in Seoul. "I will transmit this information to" -- no question of who was in control -- "Vladimir."
Now after the election, there was clearly more that the Russians would be looking for from Obama.  Did president Obama do whatever he was asked by the Russians? Did it represent for the Russians a signal that it was okay for them to invade Crimea?  Or Ukraine?
Is it possible he could have been asked something by Medvedev that would tell them if he was loyal to the USA?  Did they perhaps entrap him into something that he would be obliged to abide by their instructions on whatever they had in mind? No matter what the scenario, Obama would not want to show his true agenda to the American people.

Now by what he’s doing and not doing, he is showing us that it seems his agenda is to run the USA into the ground. Whether it’s done on purpose or not, it’s still being done. The USA has gone from a lion to a lamb and now it’s down to a kitty without any claws.   The Russians couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chris Christie and my health (part 3)

[Continued from Part 2]

In the 3 months since I have started smoking e-cigarettes, my heart has gained strength, my lungs seem to have gotten better, my kidneys also have gone back to normal operation. That’s why I say this world is hell - because of people like Chris Christie that would prefer tax money to people's health. I would suggest that governor Christie educate himself on something that he doesn’t know about instead of putting money ahead of people. 

If governor Christie really needs to tax something there are better options.  Something that really could use taxation is alcohol (for instance),  as it drives people to do things which they would not do while sober. That would be taxing something harmful to people and that might actually reduce in some small way consumption of something potentially dangerous. Alcohol can lead to consequences like rape, domestic assault , children going to bed hungry because the father or mother (or both) turn out to be alcoholics. I should also mention illegal drugs. Tax those people that can’t seem to control themselves once full of drugs or alcohol. Or would you feel that if you tax those two things that I mentioned would lower your chances of getting re-elected, governor? 
And with that, I am done with this three part rant.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chris Christie and my health (part 2)

[Continued from Part 1.]

A week after my hearty attack, I felt like I was having a heart attack once again. So back to the hospital I went.  Wile I was waiting for a doctor, I ran out of breath.  I was drowning in the fluids and my heart was too weak to build up the pressure to get the liquids out of my lungs. As a results of this I was declared dead after the priest read me the last Rites of the Church. I did die for a brief period of time but then came back.  The doctor still can’t figure out why I had died but was able to come back. My organs had begun to fail, and you don't normally come back from that.

Now I kept smoking for quite a while after that.  I knew I had to stop smoking but I soon found out that I did not have the will power to do it.  But recently, a friend of my son and I were each given each an e-cigarette kit. This was three months ago.  I decided to try the e-cigarette.  Since then I tried a regular cigarette twice and each time I had just a couple of drags on it.  Both times were in the first couple of weeks.  Both of those brief cigarettes went where all tobacco cigarettes should be -- in the garbage. Because that’s all they are: garbage.

Now it’s been about 3 months and I don’t have the urge for a tobacco cigarette at all. I don’t wake up choking. I don’t take a coughing fit when I take a deep breath. The taste of the food that I eat has improved. I haven’t had another heart attack.  I also sleep better. Just In case you’re not aware of it, e-cigarettes don’t put out smoke but vapor as the liquid is heated by a battery and all you get is vapor when you take a drag on it.  There is no smell of anything like there is in the garbage that is put out by the big cigarette companies, that Chris Christie seems to be protecting by taxing something that doesn’t cause the damage to a persons health.
To be continued.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Chris Christie and my health (part 1)

NOTE: This post is being broken into multiple parts as I will not be able to finish all of it in one writing.

While reading the news tonight I happen to notice this article. New Jersey Gov. Christie included in his 2015 budget proposal, a tax on e-cigarettes that would make them just as expensive as traditional combustible cigarettes. The tax hike would raise an estimated $35 million for the state. Minnesota is the only state so far that has passed an e-cigarette tax.

All I can say to this kind of foolishness is that Gov. Christie is the type of person that thinks that money is worth more than a person's life. For a man to think this way he has to be a greedy person or else he doesn’t know what he is talking about. E-cigarettes have a health benefit and that matters more than 35 million dollars.  For 66 years I smoked and I thought was in good health. Then one night just sitting at my computer I had a heart attack.
My son called for an ambulance and I was taken to the ER at the Gatineau hospital. Once at the hospital they took x rays and found out that the vein leading to my heart was blocked by a blood clot. Then I was sent home after the cardiologist took the blood colt out and put in a stent. Then I was given a prescription for pills, to lighten my blood.   All of this was important but I was still smoking.
What I needed to for the sake of my own life, was to quit smoking.  After 66 years, that's not an easy thing to do.  This is why my personal experience is a good anecdotal explanation of why Governor Christie's decisions don't make sense.
To be continued....

Friday, March 21, 2014

My beeef with beef

I’ve written before about what disgusting things are added to some of the food we buy in the super markets. Today I decided to revisit the food issue. Do you eat beef? Do you like beef? I used to like beef.

That is, until I read this:
The meat industry likes to call it "lean finely textured beef," but after ABC News ran a story on it, the public just called it what it looks like — pink slime, a mixture of waste meat and fatty parts from higher-quality cuts of beef that have had the fat mechanically removed. Afterwards, it's treated with ammonia gas to kill Salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Then it gets added to ground beef as a filler. Food microbiologists and meat producers insist that it's safe, but given the public's reaction to the ABC News report, there's an "ick" factor we just can't overcome...

Besides a hefty dose of protein, a 2010 report from the United States Department of Agriculture found your beef could also harbor veterinary drugs like antibiotics, Ivermectin, an animal wormer linked to neurological damage in humans, and Flunixin, an anti-inflammatory that can cause kidney damage, stomach and colon ulcers, and blood in the stool of humans...

Thought to proliferate on factory farms where antibiotics are overused to boost animal growth, a January 2012 study from Iowa State University found that the dangerous organisms wind up in supermarket meat, too. The dangerous MRSA strain lingered in 7 percent of supermarket pork samples tested. The bacteria die during proper cooking, but improper handling could leave you infected.
I get the impression that the alarmism on this particular website has an agenda to turn everyone vegan. Now I will not give up on eating beef but I think as consumers we need to be careful about what we eat and knowing this information allows us to do just that. And that is the real issue - we need to know these things to make informed choices.

As I've mentioned before, when we do grocery shopping we buy the foods that are presented to us in these markets we are buying in good faith. Yet it seems that we are being seriously deceived by the producers of some of these foods. One thing I believe is that most of the sicknesses that we have today are brought on by the garbage that we ingest each time we eat. This brings me to what I have been saying all along.

We don’t know truly what we are eating without knowing what has been taken out or added to these foods. I think it’s time to stop talking about what we eat and start demanding full disclosure about what is happening to the foods we buy before we buy them. Some people will say eat lots of fruits because they're. Sure they are safe, if you can manage to wash off all the pesticides that was sprayed on them. It's still the same issue - what has been done to the fruit before it got to your supermarket shelf?

We just can’t win, the beef is full of drugs and the pork full of fat. I hope you’re not having beef sandwiches for lunch. If you are you should have read this after lunch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Song of the week. Or month.

I finally changed the song of the month (formerly song of the week) today.  Take a look at the Ink Spots.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hardcore Pawn

There's a shown on TV called Hardcore Pawn (I'm not sure what network or channel it might be in your area).  By way of background, here's the show's description as it is on TruTV:
At the largest pawnshop in Detroit, every day brings new rewards and new drama. Follow the Gold family as they wheel and deal with colorful customers, manage temperamental employees, and squabble with each otherall in the name of making a buck in one of the most troubled cities in America. This isn't your typical trading post; this is Hardcore Pawn.
Since I have started watching this program, I have developed a fairly song opinion about it. You probably have already realized that or else it wouldn't be here on my Rants blog. The show is supposedly a reality show. I'm not na├»ve enough to think that it is entirely unscripted, but there is probably some basis in reality and a certain percentage of that show is real or re-enactments of real life events. Regardless of whether it is fictional or real, it doesn’t alter my opinion as to the message that is being sent to weak minded kids that are employed by their parents in whatever business that they own.

On this program, the daughter Ashley and the son Seth have no respect for their father whatsoever. Whatever the father says or does, those two don’t seem to agree with him.

Seth the son thinks that he knows more about the business than his dad does. That's a bad message to send to any child that might happen to watch this program. Disrespecting elders, and even worse your parents, is a bad message to be sending to society. It's the type of thing that contributes to moral decay.

Ashley the daughter, is another story. It’s easy to see that she is not the type of person that should be in a position to be dealing with the public. She doesn’t seem to have any idea of what public relations are all about.

Ashley cannot control her emotions and shows this when she is dealing with a difficult customer. Also at times, she and her brother do not hesitate to start arguing in front of a customer. Again this is a bad message to be sending to children and to society as a whole. Civility is important and something society has been losing year after year. This show does not help in that regard.

The episode I watched last night showed a customer coming in and going to the window to get served. It happened to be Ashley’s window and this customer happened to have a baseball that had been signed by some baseball players on some team. I'd tell you which players but since I don't follow baseball, I don't recall who it might have been.

Ashley took the ball and of course the dealing started about the price. Seth, being close to that window, went over and told Ashley that she didn’t know anything about baseball and it seemed that he wanted to make the deal himself. After listening to those two arguing, the customer decided to take his ball and left the store saying that he thought he was dealing with professionals but that he was mistaken and that he was leaving and never coming back.

To my way of thinking if the producer of this series thought he was making role models with Seth and Ashley for kids that are working in a family business, I would say that he sure missed it. I couldn’t think of a better way of losing all customers than people acting this way in a business setting.

That is my rant for today.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I really don't like Rogers

I have had issues with Rogers regarding my wireless phone for years. Some of my best ranting over the years has been made verbally with family and friends. I wish someone had recorded those rants because you would have some really interesting things to read if I wrote them here. Unfortunately, there are too many details to remember to do those rants justice here, often years after the original rants. Nevertheless, I have some new stuff to work with and I don't feel like sparing Rogers today. So here goes.

I would swear that at Rogers, the customer service people have received some training. They must have gotten it when they started working there. But I would suggest that they give them a test before they cut them lose on the public. I find from my experience in dealing with some of the customer service staff at Rogers, that some problems they have with customers comes from them not listening to what the customer wants. How easy would that be to fix? Train them TO LISTEN.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inviting passengers who are pilots to visit the cockpit

I was listening to the radio station CFRA yesterday afternoon and on one talk show the discussion about the missing Malaysia 777 flight came up.  Someone stated that the pilots had invited people to go into the cockpit. I can’t see any pilot doing that because that would be breaching the security of the pilots and travellers. Perhaps in days past it would have been okay to do that but not in this day and age.
Apparently there were 239 people on that flight. and according to reports there were 2 people that got on with false passports.  Eventually it was reported that these 2 were Iranians. Now if that's true and the actions of the pilots allowing people in the cockpit seems like a bad mix. The 777 disappearing like it did without any warning makes it seem that a terrorist activity is at least a possibility, even if reports are now saying that these two individuals were not terrorists. To my way of thinking, it could be that one or both of the Iranians that got on with false passports were pilots themselves and took control of the airplane. Short of the plane blowing up or the pilots being threatened with their lives and therefore not being able to warn the tower about their problem, why did whatever happened happen so fast. I wonder now if a check was done on these two to find out if they were certified as pilots.

That is my short rant of the day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Listened to CPAC

Yesterday while looking for news. I happened upon this article and video.  It was Sarah Palin speaking at CPAC recently.
I usually don’t listen to what she has to say because of the fact that when she gets exited her voice goes to a squeaky tone when she really wants to emphasize the message that she is trying to make. I had turned the video on just as my son came in the room and even though I was talking to him, I could hear what Palin had to say.

When my son left I decided to listen to the whole thing and all I can say is, this woman speaks from the heart and not from the lower part of her body where the sun doesn’t shine.

After Palin spoke, Dr. Ben Carson spoke and according to him I guess someone doesn’t like what he has to say so they are trying to stop him from from speaking at some meeting (I don’t remember where but it’s on the video).

I’ve been reading and listening to some politicians spewing their garbage. After listening to Mrs. Palin and Dr. Ben Carson, to me what they said was just like fresh air. It was easy to tell that these two people like their country and the people in it. Those are the type of people that should be in a position to have anything to do to have a country running as smoothly as possible.  It would be far better than the disorganization and scandals and lies and hypocrisy that the citizens are getting now from the government.

That is my rant of the day.

Monday, March 10, 2014

What a mess.

This is a big mess when someone is elected to be president of a nation, but has shown that he knows nothing, about what he is supposed to do. Yes, Obama. He is doing exactly the reverse of what his job as president calls for him to do.
I will explain what I mean.

According to everything that I’ve read about his actions, and non-actions, I believe this man is either ignorant of what he’s doing or he’s doing it on purpose, to degrade the nation as much as he can. To my knowledge there is nothing that he does to help the economy.  He refuses to abide by the Constitution when it does not suit him.  He goes against the Constitution to create a law that so far has been proven to be a disaster for business owners (this law nicknamed Obamacare). He is forcing them to either close down or let go some employee or for some to reduce the amount of hours they work.

He has also diminished the strength of the American military with budget cuts, and reduced the amount of troops.  He has also let the unfriendly nations of the USA know that the military’s strength has been diminished. He has increased the national debt by trillions with ridiculous overspending budgets. Plus everything else that he has done and not done since he has been elected. The scandals, using diplomacy not to go after terrorists, lying to the people, cover-ups of all kinds, and getting his underlings to lie for him.
So yes, this is a big mess.
One question I would like to ask, considering the size of his ego. If he sees that he was on his way out would he declare Martial Law to hang on to power? Would the military obey him at that point? I really don’t think that they would because they are Americans at heart and they can see for themselves how this man is degrading the country and the military that a lot of American soldiers have died for.

What I’ve stated are my opinions of the news that I read.

Have a good day.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your I.Q. depends on your height?

While reading the news, I happened to find this video.   I tried to embed the video in my post but it doesn't seem to be possible.  So let me tell you what it said, in case you don't want to follow the link. According to some researchers, if you’re tall your I.Q. is likely to be higher than a that of a shorter person. Well I guess I’m not short enough to understand what they are talking about, because I find this to be quite stupid.

Those people that stated this must have been desperate to make some kind of statement for the news, as they couldn’t have had something more believable to say. Are those people trying to tell us that tall people have a better brain than the shorter people? Well I’m only 5 feet 9 inches. I guess I’m not tall enough and my I.Q. is too low to understand what the hell those people are talking about, or how they could come to that kind of conclusion.  When some people will say or do anything just to be on the news, whether it makes sense or not, I again have to wonder where this world is going.

That is my rant of the day.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dangerous chemicals in our food.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the dangerous chemicals that could be found in the food that we eat. More than once in fact.  I also mentioned that if I saw something but didn’t have time to write about it,  I would bookmark it for future reference. Today looking back at my bookmarks,  I found this link (use the link if video does not display on this page)that I had saved and I thought I should share it.  It deals with chemicals in food, something that I think is a bad thing for people.

Some of these chemicals were given to rats and they developed cancer. It's not clear to me why some of these chemicals need to be added to food at all.  Even 50 or 60 years ago this was not normal and yet people weren't dying off because foods were terrible.  Technology makes our lives better in many ways, but not all technology changes lives for the better.  Adding chemicals to food, many of which have no reason to be added, is most often not a good way to utilize technology.

That's my short rant for today.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ignorance in leadership

According to just about everything that I’ve read with regards to the supposed-to-be-president of the United States, he's not qualified to be a president. It seems to be that all he knows is what he has learned in his schooling.  That does not qualify him to be in the  position that he is in now. He doesn’t seem to know too much about life, about military strategy (which he has proven to the world by telling Syrian president Assad about attacking Syria and with what and where the attack would be coming from).

Then his diplomacy was shot down by president Putin of Russia by using common sense and then showing his sort of diplomacy, also shot down by the Iranians. Now he is talking tough with a president that has all kinds of experience militarily. Putin is a man that can bury any diplomacy that Obama can throw at him. Obama doesn't seem to realize this.

Yes, Obama is now talking tough but only after knowing full well that he has reduced the strength of the U.S. military. In my opinion, this man ran to be elected to destroy the USA. So far he has made the nation a big laugh all over the world. He has weakened the nation down to almost nothing, He has created all kinds of scandals, refused to abide by the Constitution, trying to change it to what pleases him, and to top it all lied to the people as much as he could to get what he has wanted. Let's not forgot this important act of ignorance. He has let the enemies of the USA know how he’s cutting down on the amount of troops that the USA has now.

 I would call that last one a stupid statement.
He also has his cohorts lying for him. Senator Reid calling the people liars when they complained about their insurance as a result of Obamacare. He didn’t call them liars right out but he sure hinted at it.   That is not right.

I would suggest another building be built next to the White House with a big sign that says "To join the liar’s club sign up here". I guess Obama and His cohorts would have to move next door to the new building.

Those are my opinions.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dirty chemicals

I'm sure I wrote about some of the chemicals that were in cigarette tobacco and how many different things were added to the tobacco. Just in case I didn’t though, here are a few that could kill you. 
 I lost my source for this quote but it is worth repeating:  “While we cannot say for certain if electronic cigarettes are harmful or not, we can say that they are worlds better than traditional cigarettes. Benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, acetone, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide”.

I find this kind of discouraging,  This kind of stuff is added just to make cigarettes more addictive and that proves that these big companies don’t care how it affects people's lives, just as long as they can make money by selling this garbage.

I’ve been on e-cigarettes for approximately 2 months now, and the urge to have rolled up garbage that we buy in the stores has left me completely. Since then everything that had gone wrong with me is now recovering from having smoked that garbage.

All that garbage that was in my lungs has been brought up, my kidneys seem to have gotten better.  I am experiencing  no more choking while sleeping, no more coughing while taking a deep breath, and the color has come back to my face and I don’t look like a dough boy any more.

I smoked for 66 years and the only way I was able to quit was with these e-cigarettes. It is clean nicotine, and different strength that you can reduce your taste for smoking by buying lower strength of nicotine.

I never had the will power to quit but with these e-cigarettes I managed to do it. Great stuff.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A nation imploding?

At one time, if anyone would have said to me that the USA would implode, I would have laughed at them. From what I have been seeing lately, I would say it’s a possibility. I also read the comments on some of these web articles and from what I can deduce from the comments, a lot of citizens are disgusted at what is going on with people in positions of authority.  The people that are supposed to speak up for the public don't seem to have the public's interests at heart.
People seem to be frustrated with the actions and the lies that come out of  the White House. They are also frustrated by the secrecy of an administration that is quite different from what the supposed to be leader was saying to get elected. People want transparency in government at a minimum.  Now they don't even get that from their leaders.

If those are not signs of a nation imploding, I don't know what is.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Here is a test for Obama.

After reading this, I’m anxious to hear what Obama is going to do with this one.
President Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a 90 minute phone call on Saturday that his country sending troops into Ukraine is a “clear violation” of that country’s sovereignty, according to the White House.
Actually I don’t think that Putin cares too much about what Obama will have to say about what the Russians are doing in the Ukraine and Crimea. Putin knows that up to now, Obama has not proven himself to be a man of action. Obama’s diplomacy is not going to work with Putin. Putin has already proven to be more effective with his diplomacy than Obama. And he certainly is more of a man of action.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Money takes priority over human life.

I am convinced that money takes priority over human life.  With all the prescription drugs that are being sold, I have it in mind that they are mostly a means of temporary relief from whatever symptoms or discomfort a person has. These days, scientists are so advanced in the search for cures for different diseases.  They have amazing up-to-date equipment that can do amazing things.  With all of that going for them, I find it hard to believe that they can’t find a cure for cancer.
I mentioned cancer as an example, but it is a good one. I really do believe that they have a cure for cancer, but they will not admit to it. Apparently, they have been searching for a cure for ages and we are to believe that they never could find a cure? Can you just imagine how much money would be lost to everyone involved in treating this disease? The billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals?
Cancer seems to be more rampant these days, I am convinced that if they have found a cure that they will not advertise it, or perhaps even let anyone at all know. Because money these days, is worth more to some greedy people, than a human life.

My rant and opinion of the day.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Where did America go?

There used to be a country called America, or the United States of America.It was a great country.

As long as I can remember, that nation had always had a president that was willing to protect its citizens by going after the ones who would threaten them or the nation. They would also try and keep the economy up to high standards and keep it so that there was enough jobs for workers. They would also try and keep the spending down to a certain level. And while there most often deficits, they were not out of control deficits like we seen now.  Now that has all went down the drain because America has twice elected a phony. The president is an imposter (he's not really qualified to lead) and someone who is always right in his thinking (he acts like he is a King).  Neither of those two things work well alone, never mind together.

It seems like he now wants to weaken the military - in a time of international dangers that are perhaps at their worst levels in 50 years or more. Not too long ago they wanted to take the weapons away from the citizens. They are letting one of their enemies (Iran),  bring some of their ships to the US coast and no one knows what those ships have on them. If they have submarines following them what do they have in those subs?  And even Russian ships are getting bolder now near the U.S. coast. The president is allowing all of this to happen.

Does Iran have something to deliver on the American people and their only means of delivering is getting close enough to the US to do it? Like rockets or do they want to drop off some Jihadist to start something in the US? Or both?  What if Iran and Russia are in cahoots?

Does the USA have a president that would do something about it? From everything that I’ve read about him the answer would be a big NO.

The USA now has the reputation of being untrustworthy because of all the lies and scandals what went on in that nation, since this "king" has been elected. This man will be the downfall of what was once a great nation.
My opinions are based on the news that I read.

Have a good day.
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