Monday, March 3, 2014

Here is a test for Obama.

After reading this, I’m anxious to hear what Obama is going to do with this one.
President Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin in a 90 minute phone call on Saturday that his country sending troops into Ukraine is a “clear violation” of that country’s sovereignty, according to the White House.
Actually I don’t think that Putin cares too much about what Obama will have to say about what the Russians are doing in the Ukraine and Crimea. Putin knows that up to now, Obama has not proven himself to be a man of action. Obama’s diplomacy is not going to work with Putin. Putin has already proven to be more effective with his diplomacy than Obama. And he certainly is more of a man of action.

Now what comes next? Will it be another cold war between US and Russia? Or could it be worse - an actual shooting war? That would mean a loss of life, destruction and suffering. I don’t think Obama has ever been put in as dangerous of a position as he is now. I’m sure the whole world will be watching what Obama is going to do about this. And I don't mean what he says.  That part doesn't matter.  I think that if Obama makes the wrong decision on this one, America will find itself short of friendly nations as a result.  Countries will not depend on the USA to help them in the future if they ever needed help.  They won't likely be willing to help out the United States when asked either. 

What I’m going to write next doesn’t mean that he would do what I am suggesting but there is a possibility. Since he has been elected,  he has gotten himself into different kinds of problems - scandals, lying and bad decision-making on a number of issues. When he realizes that he has made a wrong decision on something that he has said or done, he tries to blame it on either someone else or he will do something to distract people from thinking about what he has done wrong. Now he might use this as an excuse to start playing the part of a big hero, to obliterate his image from all the things that he has done wrong since he has been elected. I would say that if he did start something just to cover up his mistakes, I think that would be the end of it.

We never know what a person under stress can do. The mind of a human can be deceiving. A person under stress can act normal and all of a sudden that person can lose sight of proper reasoning. Whether it be Obama or anyone else, we are all humans.

That is my rant of the day.

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