Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chris Christie and my health (part 2)

[Continued from Part 1.]

A week after my hearty attack, I felt like I was having a heart attack once again. So back to the hospital I went.  Wile I was waiting for a doctor, I ran out of breath.  I was drowning in the fluids and my heart was too weak to build up the pressure to get the liquids out of my lungs. As a results of this I was declared dead after the priest read me the last Rites of the Church. I did die for a brief period of time but then came back.  The doctor still can’t figure out why I had died but was able to come back. My organs had begun to fail, and you don't normally come back from that.

Now I kept smoking for quite a while after that.  I knew I had to stop smoking but I soon found out that I did not have the will power to do it.  But recently, a friend of my son and I were each given each an e-cigarette kit. This was three months ago.  I decided to try the e-cigarette.  Since then I tried a regular cigarette twice and each time I had just a couple of drags on it.  Both times were in the first couple of weeks.  Both of those brief cigarettes went where all tobacco cigarettes should be -- in the garbage. Because that’s all they are: garbage.

Now it’s been about 3 months and I don’t have the urge for a tobacco cigarette at all. I don’t wake up choking. I don’t take a coughing fit when I take a deep breath. The taste of the food that I eat has improved. I haven’t had another heart attack.  I also sleep better. Just In case you’re not aware of it, e-cigarettes don’t put out smoke but vapor as the liquid is heated by a battery and all you get is vapor when you take a drag on it.  There is no smell of anything like there is in the garbage that is put out by the big cigarette companies, that Chris Christie seems to be protecting by taxing something that doesn’t cause the damage to a persons health.
To be continued.

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