Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chris Christie and my health (part 3)

[Continued from Part 2]

In the 3 months since I have started smoking e-cigarettes, my heart has gained strength, my lungs seem to have gotten better, my kidneys also have gone back to normal operation. That’s why I say this world is hell - because of people like Chris Christie that would prefer tax money to people's health. I would suggest that governor Christie educate himself on something that he doesn’t know about instead of putting money ahead of people. 

If governor Christie really needs to tax something there are better options.  Something that really could use taxation is alcohol (for instance),  as it drives people to do things which they would not do while sober. That would be taxing something harmful to people and that might actually reduce in some small way consumption of something potentially dangerous. Alcohol can lead to consequences like rape, domestic assault , children going to bed hungry because the father or mother (or both) turn out to be alcoholics. I should also mention illegal drugs. Tax those people that can’t seem to control themselves once full of drugs or alcohol. Or would you feel that if you tax those two things that I mentioned would lower your chances of getting re-elected, governor? 
And with that, I am done with this three part rant.

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