Monday, March 10, 2014

What a mess.

This is a big mess when someone is elected to be president of a nation, but has shown that he knows nothing, about what he is supposed to do. Yes, Obama. He is doing exactly the reverse of what his job as president calls for him to do.
I will explain what I mean.

According to everything that I’ve read about his actions, and non-actions, I believe this man is either ignorant of what he’s doing or he’s doing it on purpose, to degrade the nation as much as he can. To my knowledge there is nothing that he does to help the economy.  He refuses to abide by the Constitution when it does not suit him.  He goes against the Constitution to create a law that so far has been proven to be a disaster for business owners (this law nicknamed Obamacare). He is forcing them to either close down or let go some employee or for some to reduce the amount of hours they work.

He has also diminished the strength of the American military with budget cuts, and reduced the amount of troops.  He has also let the unfriendly nations of the USA know that the military’s strength has been diminished. He has increased the national debt by trillions with ridiculous overspending budgets. Plus everything else that he has done and not done since he has been elected. The scandals, using diplomacy not to go after terrorists, lying to the people, cover-ups of all kinds, and getting his underlings to lie for him.
So yes, this is a big mess.
One question I would like to ask, considering the size of his ego. If he sees that he was on his way out would he declare Martial Law to hang on to power? Would the military obey him at that point? I really don’t think that they would because they are Americans at heart and they can see for themselves how this man is degrading the country and the military that a lot of American soldiers have died for.

What I’ve stated are my opinions of the news that I read.

Have a good day.

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