Sunday, March 2, 2014

Money takes priority over human life.

I am convinced that money takes priority over human life.  With all the prescription drugs that are being sold, I have it in mind that they are mostly a means of temporary relief from whatever symptoms or discomfort a person has. These days, scientists are so advanced in the search for cures for different diseases.  They have amazing up-to-date equipment that can do amazing things.  With all of that going for them, I find it hard to believe that they can’t find a cure for cancer.
I mentioned cancer as an example, but it is a good one. I really do believe that they have a cure for cancer, but they will not admit to it. Apparently, they have been searching for a cure for ages and we are to believe that they never could find a cure? Can you just imagine how much money would be lost to everyone involved in treating this disease? The billions of dollars to pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospitals?
Cancer seems to be more rampant these days, I am convinced that if they have found a cure that they will not advertise it, or perhaps even let anyone at all know. Because money these days, is worth more to some greedy people, than a human life.

My rant and opinion of the day.

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