Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Listened to CPAC

Yesterday while looking for news. I happened upon this article and video.  It was Sarah Palin speaking at CPAC recently.
I usually don’t listen to what she has to say because of the fact that when she gets exited her voice goes to a squeaky tone when she really wants to emphasize the message that she is trying to make. I had turned the video on just as my son came in the room and even though I was talking to him, I could hear what Palin had to say.

When my son left I decided to listen to the whole thing and all I can say is, this woman speaks from the heart and not from the lower part of her body where the sun doesn’t shine.

After Palin spoke, Dr. Ben Carson spoke and according to him I guess someone doesn’t like what he has to say so they are trying to stop him from from speaking at some meeting (I don’t remember where but it’s on the video).

I’ve been reading and listening to some politicians spewing their garbage. After listening to Mrs. Palin and Dr. Ben Carson, to me what they said was just like fresh air. It was easy to tell that these two people like their country and the people in it. Those are the type of people that should be in a position to have anything to do to have a country running as smoothly as possible.  It would be far better than the disorganization and scandals and lies and hypocrisy that the citizens are getting now from the government.

That is my rant of the day.

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