Friday, March 7, 2014

Dangerous chemicals in our food.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the dangerous chemicals that could be found in the food that we eat. More than once in fact.  I also mentioned that if I saw something but didn’t have time to write about it,  I would bookmark it for future reference. Today looking back at my bookmarks,  I found this link (use the link if video does not display on this page)that I had saved and I thought I should share it.  It deals with chemicals in food, something that I think is a bad thing for people.

Some of these chemicals were given to rats and they developed cancer. It's not clear to me why some of these chemicals need to be added to food at all.  Even 50 or 60 years ago this was not normal and yet people weren't dying off because foods were terrible.  Technology makes our lives better in many ways, but not all technology changes lives for the better.  Adding chemicals to food, many of which have no reason to be added, is most often not a good way to utilize technology.

That's my short rant for today.

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